FNMs collecting contracts and promotions like they going out of style – while PLPs sitting at the back of the line!


Gaming Board Staff Promoted after Towing PLP Cars at Freeport GB GOLD RUSH RALLIES!

They say Believe in the Bahamas - But you gata ask if they Believe in PLPs!

They say Believe in the Bahamas – But you gata ask if they Believe in PLPs! – Collapsing National Support could spell trouble for any successor to the throne!

PLP Chairman witnessing Party support deflating quickly!

Nassau, Bahamas — Since it is OK for the PLP to reward FNMs in this gold rush government, then it must be ok for PLPs to join the FNM hey?

Bahamas Press is truly amazed, shockingly surprised, to see how the new generation has decided to pad the pockets of hardcore, loyal, card carrying members of the Free National Movement, while faithful supporters and generals of the PLP stand on the lines of social services for a $50 food stamp.

But these days nothing surprises BP anymore. We have watched PLPs stand at the back of the line like refugees from Afghanistan after being whipped by the Taliban Government of the Dictator Hubert Ingraham for 15 of the last 20 years. And now after all those years in the camp, loyal supporters of Pindling’s Party continue to get the run-a-round.


Thanks to some plants in the in new PLP government, all they see is red.

This week in the Parliament Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie – the leader himself – made it known how some hardcore FNMs who sat on the Royal Bahamas Police Force while that Papa Clown stood in power were the ones he [Christie] is set to return to the job. No Problem!

We reported a few weeks ago how down at the Gaming Board, one PLP was making the way for the son of a former Chairman of the FNM to sit outside his office. And after they aborted that plan following BP’s expose, they at the Gaming Board decided to promote three card carrying FNMs at the board – who laughs to scorn the PLPs who now report to dem – WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

These days in the life of the country – it is no longer what ya know or what colour you wear – its all about the question: “Are you in the “CLIQUE”!”

Well, Bahamas Press is watching from the door of the Cabinet Room and we wonder which or whose ‘Clique’ is one John Curtis in. Some PLPs have very short “SELECTIVE” memory and so, since the team at BP has the gift of complete “RECALL”, we ga fan and shake some people memory in ‘That Room’.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie told Parliament a key FNM is his friend.

John Curtis is that card carrying FNM who, during the last election, was sent to Grand Bahama by ‘Papa Dem’ to make life a living nightmare for PLPs.

Some forget how during at a MEGA Rally of the PLP on that island, then announcer Dwight ‘SAY YES’ Armbrister had to tell party supporters to be on the lookout for their cars. During those mega Gold Rush events, cars would overflow from the PLP Rally Site to near a quarter mile down the street, and while jubilant PLPs gathered in excitement, people like John Curtis, who is also a police reservist, were directing tow trucks which vehicle to carry.

During one of the Mega Gold Rush events, Armbrister had to scream telling Curtis “Please leave the people cars. Please don’t tow the supporters’ cars.”

Well, since May 7th 2012, to show people like Curtis what a fine job he did for the FNM, he has been promoted to Superintendent in the Reserves. And at the Gaming Board he has been promoted to Assistant Secretary of in charge investigation at the Board.

What a time!

It is no wonder the Gold Rush Government has lost its once powerful support. When you want a promotion in the PLP, join the FNM. From the looks a things – that’s just the way it is.

All we at BP is saying is this – “If ya don’t laugh you will cry!”