FNMs gather in church to celebrate 40 years as a party


Carl Bethel and the ladies celebrate 40 years at the Voice Of Deliverence on Sunday Afternoon.

FNM 40th Anniversary Church Service Remarks by Party Leader, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham:


THE LEADER: Good Afternoon Church,

I want to thank Apostle Wallace and the church family of the Voice of Deliverance for welcoming us to worship with you as we mark a landmark anniversary in the life of our Party.

FNMs, we meet today in thanksgiving and celebration on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Free National Movement.

Because a two-party system is essential for a thriving parliamentary democracy, the birth, resilience, and flourishing of the Free National Movement has been critical in securing and entrenching parliamentary democracy in The Bahamas.

For this we owe a profound debt of gratitude to the Dissident Eight lead by Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield and including Sir Arthur Foulkes, Maurice Moore, and Warren Levarity who were followed by thousands of others including the late Sir Kendal Isaacs, Sir Orville Turnquest, Sir Geoffrey Johnstone, and Godfrey Kelly who joined them in our national movement.

Fellow FNMs:

Our 40th anniversary is a time to renew the values upon which our party was founded, including transparent, accountable and good governance.

The FNM is committed to a balance of personal and social responsibility. And, we believe that giving back and community service are at the heart of good and active citizenship. Community demands civility and civil society, shared sacrifices and shared responsibility. We see Government as a vehicle – it is not an end in itself.

This is why I call for a new era of volunteerism and giving. In order to address crime and anti-social behaviour, and to build a more peaceful culture and renew a sense of community requires faith- and community-based action as well as corporate citizenship, philanthropic efforts and individual initiative.

The FNM is steadfastly committed to equality. We seek to build a country where the content of one’s character and hard work are the keys to success and national development – not pedigree or connection. This is why we have constantly sought to expand equality and protection and rights of the marginalized, the children, the elderly, and Bahamian women. We are proud that the first woman elected to the House of Assembly was an FNM.

Fellow FNMs:

In 1992 the Bahamian people elected us to office for the first time. We are proud of our record of service to the Bahaman people.

We continue to work tirelessly to put in place the policies, programmes and investments needed to safeguard our country in crime-fighting and national security, n education, in business opportunity, in employment, in health care, in social security and in youth development.

As we celebrate our legacy and renew our values, we rededicate ourselves to improving the daily quality of life and the future needs of the Bahamian people. For all that we have done and despite the considerable work ahead we remain mindful of why we are here in the first place – to give incorruptible, responsible and compassionate service to the Bahamian people.

The greatest reward for those afforded the privilege of office is whether on your watch you made a difference in improving the lives and well-being of people. This is why we roll up our sleeves, endure all the cussing and shouting, and carry on to implementation the things which benefit the Bahamas and Bahamians everywhere.

Fellow FNMs:

The torch that was lit in October 1971 became the Free National Movement. It was passed to a new generation; in time it will be passed on to yet another generation. Through the decades our torch has burned bright because our cause and ideals are right. Our record speaks for us more loudly, more visibly than any words we may utter.

Today’s celebration is therefore one of gratitude. With gratitude we thank the Bahamian people for the privilege of serving. We thank them for their trust. We are privileged to serve. In honour of this privilege and trust we continue our pledge to work tirelessly to improve the lives and future of all Bahamians by ensuring good and accountable governance and trustworthy integrity in government.

FNMs, I thank you for the privilege of serving as Party Leader. And, I thank the Bahamian people for the privilege of serving as Prime Minister.

May this great FNM remain eternally vigilant in advancing The Bahamas and its people as we continue the work of transforming The Bahamas, its infrastructure, its education, its health care, its legal and justice system and its economy.

I thank you and good afternoon.


  1. It is so ironic, the celebration church service wa held at Deliverance Way and the 109th killing happened hours later on Deliverance Way. Is that a sign from God? You tell me.

    • That’s a very ignorant this to say! Murders have been happening ALL over this country since the year began. Probably you should read your bible especially the part that says, “The Nation that forgets God will surly perish.”

  2. It is a crying shame to see excerpts from the FNM church services on the news last night. It seemed like the Pastor was glorying in the fact that they visited his church to celebrate 40 years in existanc. Well, the church has been here since Jesus told Peter that upon this rock (admitting that Jesus is the Christ) I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. For the most part, some of the churches today have lost total contact with the message that Jesus preached. Until we go back to 2nd chronicles 7:14 we will not see change. Until we go back to the scriptures in Joel where the preists and ministers stand between the porch and the altar and cry “Spare Thy people Oh God.” If the FNM were in the Anglican or Catholic church would they have behaved the same way. I have never seen them so joyous in any of their previous services. Maybe, the preaching and celbrating was pre-programmed. If you are the Minister of National Security and your portfolio is to control everything that comes under your Ministry and you don’t then you are to blame. If your little Sam is behaving rude at home and he is not peanilized for his bad behaviour and continue to do as he pleases, then the parent in that home is responsible. I wonder what Hubert Ingraham has not moved him yet? Is it to continuously embarrase him? Other Government officials were given Ministries to oversee and when the results were 0-1 on performance didn’t he move them? Time is not too long now! Itt’s a matter of trusting God for a change!

    • The Pastor is NOT responsible for the reactions of the Prime Minister or the other individuals there. If they were smiling I guess they were enjoying it! And yes if you have a child, YOU are responsible for that child NOT THE GOVERNMENT or the Minister of National Security. Maybe if 30 year olds were not GRAND PARENTS maybe they would be able to discipline their children! Sweets this is a real world it is a privilege for the Prime Minister to visit anywhere, it counts for something. If he had come to your church assuming you actually go to one, I’m certain your Pastor would have seen it as an honor!

    • Maybe if you listened to the ENTIRE sermon you would see that he preached exactly what you have said about this nation returning back to God. Listened to the entire sermon so you can make an intelligent and informed comment… hint hint

  3. How come the ones damaging the Bahamas the worst are not seen in these pictures on FB? Especially Lying Mona Vie Laing! Maybe dey concucting more lies to tell us.

  4. Did anyone notice that Lying Mona Vie Laing and the rest of the Freeport crew did not show in these pics? Maybe Mona Vie has a conscience and needs to pray some more for forgiveness. Or, he mussy figuring out what new lie to tell the Bahamian people bout the economy again.
    It won’t work! No one believes you!
    Hypocrite!! Shameless!!

  5. the host pastor sets the tone.
    he seemed to’ve been caught up in the rally himself.

    these religious leaders are a band of compromised men, a good majority of them could never speak out against the many ills facing this country and the negative impact that is being experienced by the citizenry.

    the church has lost its voice and the people are left defenseless.

    Lord we need another H.w. Brown, another C.W.Saunders, some brave soldier to stand firm and speak up for us.

    • You sound VERY IGNORANT! This pastor ALWAYS ppreaches against the ills of this nation! The problem with the people in this country is they do not like the truth. In no way is he compromised because he preached the truth no matter who it falls on. You need to listen to the entire sermon so that you can make an intelligent and informed decision! There was no rally going on, after 40 years I think they should find themselves in the house of the Lord! It doesn’t make what church and just because you may have disagreed with what he said does not mean it was not the truth! Watch the entire sermon and get a clue!

  6. It was good to celebrate ,but i beleive we should know how to in God house a rally should have been plan so those who can’t help their rally way’s could do it there and not in the house of the Lord ….this country is seeing the anger of God daily because were play church and playing with God …

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