FNMs set to launch the dirtiest election campaign in the history of our Bahamas!

FNMs campaigning on New Providence before the announcment of a general election.

The Editor

Bahamas Press                                                                                   14th April 2021.

Dear BP,

Judging from the presentation in the house by the minister for the public service the FNM intends to engage in even more despicable behaviour in the run up to the next general election. In his wide-ranging attack, the minister covered many topics all designed to smear the PLP and ascribe corruption and dishonesty to the previous administration. Unsurprisingly the minister neglected to discuss his disastrous and extremely questionable tenure as the director of road traffic. He need not worry about this oversight on his part. His road traffic stint is very much a live issue as he will soon find out.

A political old timer told me that he has not seen the FNM so agitated and prepared to use unsavoury and despicable means to retain power since the days of Raymond “Barry” Major. If he is right and I shudder at the thought, then we are in for one of the dirtiest election campaigns in the history of our Bahamas. If the FNM tactics of the past are any guide then, we can also look forward to; the systematic destruction of public documents; tampering with the voters register, playing jigsaw puzzle with the constituency boundaries; harassment of PLP candidates; employing police intimidation; blatant FNM lies and propaganda  and further erosion of our democratic rights.

Like jilted lovers, the FNM just cannot bear to see that they are being dropped. When Bahamians decide to drop you no amount of money, financial inducements or threats and lies can change their minds. The FNM is a disappointment to all Bahamians who were misled into electing them to office. They got there on  lies and a smear campaign and continue to treat us like dirt. Many FNM parliamentarians who were lucky to rise from the masses to financial success at our expense now view their struggling sisters and brothers as cretinous losers and non-persons  who do not deserve the same rights and privileges as their monied supporters. Do not be deceived by the FNM charm offensive and promises.

 Like a leopard they cannot change their spots. They are bought and paid for by their monied supporters and benefactors who see their chances to finally suppress the social, political, and economic growth of Bahamians as well as retain their economic stranglehold on the Bahamas slipping away.

Like cornered rats they are desperate. So, expect the worst from this crew and pray that we are rid of them soon because Bahamians has had enough of their incompetence, lies, misogyny, nepotism, and cronyism. We can expect pure evil from the FNM and expect them to do all within their powers to conceal the many allegations of corruption against them and coverup their misdeeds.

Let’s  pray that we are rid of them soon because we just cannot take anymore.


Michael J. Brown