FNMs told to get ready, as a By-Election looms! [Sources say in 10months]


fnm-fire-crown<<< There’s that fire again, getting heated for a by-election in 10 months from now sources say.

A crowd at the FNM’s headquarters on Mackey Street this week was told by party leader and Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham to stand battle ready as a by-election is imminent.

Since the party leader’s comments, the ‘straight talk express’ can already be seen hitting the ground running. One source who attended the meeting told BP, “We believe we are fulfilling our mandate, though amid a difficult period around the world. There always comes a time when a political party must take the car out for a test drive, and that time is fast approaching.”

A public announcement on ZNS 1540 was heard advising members of the public to register to vote if they have reached the age of 18 or relocated into a new constituency since the May 2, 2007. The radio advert caught us by surprise on last week Wednesday, however, this week’s meeting at the FNM headquarters confirm that something is brewing.

Bahamas Press can now confirm from sources deep inside the FNM, that they’re indeed getting organize. Letters by FNM writers are now frequently appearing in the local dailies. And anyone moving around the island would note the visible FNM ground men now speaking with personalities like ‘KIKI’ Knowles [The FNM’s mastermind/strategist] and other ground workers at Esso One-the-Run gas stations and eateries on the island.

Another source in the party told BP, “We are obviously getting ready for something, you know that! The FNM machine is always ready. It has always been ready, and this time when we prove that we’ve not lost any support in this upcoming by-election we will send them fellers back to the drawing board.”

Members of the PLP on the other hand are in a dogged race for its leadership. One wonders whether the party will be able to fight a by-election after a bloody race at its convention. Only time can tell.

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham on one of his recent island trips meeting with residents on the ground.


  1. Ten months thats the months to long,for this country to remain in this condition.It ain’t long now PLP all the way.

  2. And when Perry does talk media he keeps talking about ‘my government,my cabinet’. I wish I could tell him to shut up and sit down. Get over it, you aint got no government. BJ looked like a Leader today and Snitch well he just sat there, look like they leave the intellectual stuff to Brave, BJ and Fred. The PLP has a lot of talent, is just they got some warped personalities.

  3. Yall PLP is kill me. Even obama has problems dealin with the economy. Yall will find anything to jump on. Its called “DESPERATE”. Y yall don ask Perry why he mess us up and have a real argument. The FNM is doing whatever they can do to keep the country goin but yall PLP wanna fight amongst each other but find fault in the FNM. Get real Perry is another Bush. Aty least Bush went away graceful Perry still talkin. It OVER ITS FNM COUNTRY.

    • Awww come on ‘CRY BABY’ [Paradice] where you see Perry talking, That WUTLESS SICK MAN couldn’t find his tongue in the House today!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. Wisdom,

    I believe you are wrong on this occassion. Many of today’s voters do not even know what they are/were voting for. I guess the rallies with the biggest named perfomers, the persons with the best promises, or perhaps the party that can give large handouts doing election time. It could not have been because of the state of the economy. However, we shall see come 2012, if we last that long.

  5. Rudy, …you are hoping for a dark horse?…
    Many are confused with the classes of people in the Bahamas. If the truth be told, “PRESENTLY” there are only two (2) classes of people who form government in this country, and those classes of people are the “PINLINIGHTS” (PINDLING’S influences) & the “INGRAHAMNIGHTS” (Mr. INGRAHAM’S loyal subjects). There are no other political personalities that influence the minds of the Bahamian electorate.

  6. Ahh Canesfins you have me confused….lol……too many options which can only mean this government is doing a horrible job…..lol…..

    I will await to hear from you BP on which constituency…….

  7. Brent is not resigning – never will happen, after all the $ would dry up. Vince is not going to Elizabeth, talk is he is going to Yamacraw. If it is truly a by-election and not an general election then might be Clifton – Kendal Wright is no favorite. Or it could be Sea Breeze, if in fact Carl Bethel is being run out.

  8. Brent Symonette has been very quiet for the past year and really seems out of it as far as FNM policies are concerned.The man is not willing to be a team player and has allowed the Passport Office to fall into chaos.No one showed up for the walkathon ,this site is allowing plenty opposition to be voiced so why not go into St Annes a supposedly FNM stronghold?It certainly would be a feel good move by the Govt.If I was an advisor in the PLP I say dont go after the seat bcos after all it changes nothing.There however is another quiet man Malcolm Adderley who is really not stained in PLPism.He might decide to take an international post so that the Minister of Tourism can get a seat in Parliament. Now that would be a war in Elizabeth evryone and he ma would get in there.The best bet though is Brent resigning.

  9. BP is it an overall election or election in one constituency? If its a by-election – one constituency – then please tell me your gut feeling on the constituency chosen so I can choose the “casuality”…..lol…..

    • We don’t know which constituency yet “Drama”, as you know our contacts in the FNM does give us controlled bits of information. BIT BY BIT, but we shall know in short order. It will be in one seat (BY-election), but we should know before the end of the week.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. Bye election? BP why your source didnt tell you which constituency the bye election will be held in? ya source leave out the most important piece of info. This one sound lil fishy BP. You need to double check that source because i dont know which FNM MP dumb enough to give up he seat only 3yrs in? HI could only pull that move on one of them young naive FNM MP’s who just reach or maybe Kenyatta will get an ambassador post.

    BP, i know you have an idea so please tell me which constituency this election will be called in?

  11. BP you on to something, you don’t play now. Just saw the newspaper and FNM now having convention. They are gearing up for something.

    • RUDY people, some I should say, have us for jokes but when you see we say things on here, trust me its ain’t no JOKE, it is as real as it comes. The only thing they could do now is change their mind.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. Definition check. By-election: an election to fill a vacancy arising during a term of office.

    Hence people visit this blog and laugh uncontrollably.

  13. @canesfins
    Well, let us just hope that they don’t destroy the party. It seems to me that they are going backwards and afraid of anyone new. I guess the ‘new’ PLP didn’t work so they are going to try the ‘old’ PLP. I am still hoping for a dark horse someone with new ideas and visions and not connected to the old guard! After Obama, the world is looking for change maybe the PLP will find their ‘Obama’.

  14. Depending on what happens at convention, the PLP will be in a position to take the government back, or have no chance at it. Not much middle ground in the PLP

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