Bloodbath now underway at ZNS…Click Comments section for UPDATES


Bahamas Press is now in the Boardroom at ZNS and we are getting updates. Just minutes ago Chairman has informed staff that they will begin calling them in one by one, to distribute their final checks and disengagement letters. We still don’t know who will go or who will stay – BP is updating.


  1. When Atlantis let go 800 people no one say a thing now you all making noise over 80 government people you have to be kidding me.

  2. Okay, when it’s your time it’s your time but it’s also how you suppose to do things. For them to just cut them off during work time is the worse way to show how you felt about a person work ethic. There are wrong ways of doing things and right ways of doing something and that was just plain wrong. It’s time to get it together Bahamas, and do things the right way and stop hurting people. I think it could of been handle way different…. Holla if you hear me! If not thats on you…

    • when grand papa fired Perry and Papa in the 80’s there was no warning or meetings, they had to catch a ride home, people are fired everyday around they world.My problem is why couldnt ZNS with all these experts (so they say) couldnt take care of itself,? why so many managers with no one under them? why so many poilitical hang ons? man we must be real fools to believe the government can continue in these time with that foolishness
      govt is like big business, moves have to be made to make it RIGHT for the benifit of the MASSES, not the few slackers….My questions to Perry is
      will you when in govt again rehire these people in ZNS?
      Will you repeal the various Tax increases? will you and you goons hijack zns again at election time for a FREE ride at 5? tell me No. we must be the biggest JOKERS in the world of economics.

  3. When these ppl knock YOU over YOUR head and rob u blind to get money… then you insensitive brutes will be singing a new song!Their day today… yours tomorrow!!! Its a sad day in this country when we no longer care for one another! Yeah.. we r living in a dog eat dog world!!!

    • i was fired 3 times from a high paying job in freeport, when i asked to be fired the 4th time i made sure that i was fire proof…never again to be fired from that place. Life goes on i didnt get any free money. we need to move away from our socialist approach. the govt. cant fix all our problems,when hurricanes hit it the government, when criminals get jailed in the USA, its the government, when deadbeat dad dont pay,its the government, when we allow our children to go astray, its the government. We need to become more self-reliant. ZNS crew need to pool they mind and money and open up new business and creat new jobs with all that free money…..damn and stop crying


  5. Come on people stop being so insentitive these people are hurting in a real way. When they realize that they cannot meet the mortgage and other important bills it is a tradgedy. You may not feel their pain because you are in the private sector and it may not affect you now but this is theior time and yours maybe later but you must not cry because thats how life is. In 2012 when the GOvernment change (because change is coming) the cycle will start again with people being let go but don’t cry out then remember this day when you say this must happen to ZNS. My prayers be with those people and their families

    • Olive. Yes, the whole of government is bloated and needs to be right-sized. Many private sector jobs are not needed, as well. It’s tough for people to learn to take personal responsibility, but it can and will happen. I, too, feel for anyone who has to adapt to a new life experience. Thank GOD these folks have some breathing room with the free money they received. I’ve been laid off before and it is certainly not pleasant, but I prayed on the changes of life and move on. Life continues. Yes, let’s pray for these folks and for all of the other far less fortunate people in our country and the world. It’s time for all of us to learn to prepare for more difficult times ahead.

  6. I feel for these ppl but this one was seen coming from a mile away..BEC nxt..Water & Sewerage to follow…then B’Air…these places are bleeding the treasury & are over staffed with ‘political hook-up’ jobs….let’s be real!!

  7. I am truly sorry for what is going on at ZNS, this is simply what has gone on at Atlantis when people were being axe left/right.But we got to remember, this Corporation,like Bahamasair,Customs,BEC to name a few,is still bleeding our Treasury.We now only getting emotional because we can put names to faces that we use to, but I for one feel an over all desire(long standing)to see All Government Department trimmed line or those remaining be on alert for the well being of the masses.Come on my people, now that the chicken came home to roast,we cry shame?Boy we forget easy,muddo take sickit!

  8. Why is everyone making such a big deal about this? Aren’t they all receiving separation packages to the letter of the law? When people suggest that they are being thrown on the streets, it’s quite an exaggeration. Thank GOD these people are receiving decent severance packages, so that they will have MANY months to get themselves together and take on the next chapter of their lives. It could be much worse, but they certainly have substantial breathing room. There are thousands of people who are truly hurting in this country, these people who received FREE money have no idea how bad it could really be. They should come to terms with their live changes over the next week, then get focused on taking charge by learning to become responsible for themselves instead of depending on a Government that clearly cannot sustain the giveaways anymore.

    • Your comments lack compassion and sympathy. Your comments are also asinine to the point incredulous!!! How can you posit that those people at ZNS are getting “free money”? Those ZNS employees worked their butts off over the years and should be getting far more than the robber barons of the political establishment are giving them!!

      • Tones. I guess I’m just a practical person who realizes that it’s time to move on. My point is that these people truly are receiving free money instead of nothing at all. Our labour laws or employee contracts provide this free money, meaning your employer must take from their account and give to your account = FREE. I’m confident that these folks will deal with their life changes more gracefully, now that the terrorism/striking efforts have mellowed out. I wish them much luck and am grateful that they have some money to hold them over until the next chapters of their lives. Life goes on. Again, there are thousands of people who have it much worse in our country.

  9. Why doesn’t BP hire all these redundant TV people, and with their massive payoffs, start a new TV station? It’ll be a ratings winner!

  10. BP, i agree with the downsizing of government agencies that are draining the public treasury, but I dont agree with the way the downsizing of ZNS is going on.

    You cant be that cold about it. Its as if the decision makers are just rushing through it.

    You dont treat people like this.

    • So what do you expected to be done? We all should be thinking about retirement years and setting up strategic plans for the future. How many of those persons had significant pension plans? We now need to get ourselves in the visionary mode of futuristic thinking and planning!

    • Well Slimting you know we don’t miss a beat. That piece a you know what running the board at BCB and his you know what DGM woman knows they people ga FIRE THEY YOU KNOW WHAT! BOY WE HOT TONIGHT!


  11. A BP News ALERT: We can now confirm BCB Board has terminated the services of the entire janitorial staff at the ZNS Broadcasting Corporation. We are told a senior FNM goon is set to pickup the cleaning contract. Other terminated staff includes Audrey Deveaux and radio announcer the B Man.

  12. A BP News ALERT: Rudolph Minnis, brother of Cabinet Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, was axed today in the right-sizing exercise at ZNS. BP has learnt Peter Deveaux Isaacs’s [Permanent Sec. for ZNS along with his wife Kaylessa Issaacs – DGM at ZNS] are the main players in today’s massacre at the BCB. Kaylessa it is alleged was the point person in selecting the name of staff members, who then submitted them to her husband for Cabinet Approval. THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

  13. I am really sadden by all that has happened at ZNS today.I truly believe in these hard economic times, that the government should be compassionate and try keep people employed.

    Am I surprised, No. They fired many when they came to office – that’s how the unemployment assistance program came about – to render handouts to all that they(govt) let go.

    Dismissed workers, use your money wisely because the bills are not on hold-let us pray that the Lord will instill compassion in our leaders hearts.

  14. A BP News ALERT: Bahamas Press is now reporting emotions ay ZNS have reached a tipping point. We are told grief counseling may not work for some who were dismissed today. One former employee has shut off all communications with everyone and BP wonders what is going on in the head of that former employee. We can confirm there are survivors to this tragedy. Clint Watson and Shenique Miller remain reporters for ZNS. We can confirm Syann Thompson is now assigned to the Parliamentary Channel.

  15. BP why you’ll have us waiting man! share some more news, we need to know what is happening up at the big “Z”, you know other media houses would not drop it like you’ll.

  16. A BP News ALERT: Bahamas Press is now reporting ZNS is moving on an emotional high at this hour. BREAKING UPDATE: People are crying all over the Corporation we understand. BP can now confirm Altovise Munnings and Opal Roach were promoted to the positions as News Editors. Keishla Smith is now National Anchor.

  17. As A Former Employee of the corporation that had just had enough of the foolishness. I must say no matter what you think of the Corporation, it is a very sad day. Many of the people i have heard from and seen listed are good friends and good people. I pray for them all.

  18. Breaking UPDATE AT ZNS: Hubert Ingraham’s bloodbath of Bahamians continues at the ZNS Corporation. The latest victims to be AXED and escorted off property by police: Charlene Ferguson (news) Kenneth Sands (vtr) Charlene Johnson (vtr) Debbie Sears (vtr) Bobby Deveaux (vtr) Rudolph Minnis (makeup). Hubert Ingraham FIGHTS AGAINST Bahamians and employed 200 Chinese just last week. THEY HAVE NO SHAME!

    • BP,

      Watch who gets PROMOTED in this thing! The FNM putting their people in place for the next election. They telling us that they downsizing but they really concentrating power in their hands of THEIR people!

  19. A BP news Alert: Sports reporter Marcellus Hall is the latest causality at ZNS. He was called in and escorted off property just minutes ago. Marcellus told his colleagues farewell and goodbye…SAD SAD SAD..Hubert is fighting for the Chinese….THEY HAVE NO SHAME!

  20. A BP News Alert: Bahamas Press reporting on the short list Veteran News Anchor, Jerome Sawyer, is set to be called into the Chairman’s office to be given the axe. Insiders tell us he is the second senior member of the newsroom to fall in the right-sizing exercise. Jerome’s contract ends this month.

  21. A BP NEWS ALERT: Singy and Laura already have gotten there packages from Chairman Michael Moss, and are being escorted off BCB property by police. Union members are being axed while the union leaders watch in silence…

    A BP NEWS ALERT: Letters are being distributed and staff are being escorted one by one off the property. BP can confirm News Manager Beverly Curry, who accepted the package, is now officially a former employee of ZNS…

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