Following is an excellent commentary by Dr. Marcus Bethel, former Minister of Health


Marcus Bethel, Former Minister of Health



“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Hubert A. Ingraham, former Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, was an Angry, Arrogant and Autocratic Individual who surrounded himself and was propped up by parliamentary and professional wimps, and political sycophants.

It is clear that Power had corrupted the mind of the former Prime Minister. He described himself as a “One Man Band”; he embraced and perpetuated the “Papa cultism”; and during the electioneering period he freely and unashamedly told “lies, and made deceitful and disingenuous statements about the PLP.”

People are not stupid. They are able to see through the smoke screen and mirrors of diabolical leaders. They know when their “quality of life” is threatened, enhanced or diminished. Never again should the Bahamian people tolerate an ego-maniac with unfettered power as Prime Minister.

People must come first. The basic needs of the People which include jobs to feed and clothe their families, housing to protect from the elements, security from internal and external forces must never be superseded by buildings and roads. Though necessary infrastructure these structures are viewed as monuments to themselves and their supporters.

People must be supported and encouraged to pursue personal and national development goals, not discouraged. People must be treated with respect and civility at all times, not abuse.

“The Power of the People is greater than the People in Power.”