For two months drivers cannot get driver’s licenses! Do this Bahamas look like it is being managed to you?

Big Monday Nov. 11th, 2019 at Road Traffic – Long lines and slow service. WHY?

Dear BP,

Something is going on in The Road Traffic Department. They are collecting people’s money for driver’s licenses and telling them to come back in four weeks. My request is now going on two (2) months.

Let’s get Damian Gomez to put together a class-action lawsuit as he presents against BPL.

I would like The Road Traffic Department to pay for me and my family’s plane tickets, hotel bookings, a prepaid visit to the Magic Kingdom & meals. Total $5,080.

Because I can’t go on that trip because I can’t rent the car without that card Road Traffic is holding up.

I know a company in Oakes Field that can print and issue those Driver’s License cards in 5 minutes for $5.