Foreigner curses out Baha Mar servers at awards banquet

Philip Smallwood

NASSAU| A foreign executive from a well-known insurance company flew off the handle and cursed out Baha Mar servers at a major awards banquet over the weekend after he wasn’t served vegan dessert.

The GAMA banquet was held at the mega resort on Friday night to honor top performers in the local insurance industry.

However, the foreign attendee became the center of attention during the annual event when he followed resort staff into the kitchen and demanded that they prepare him vegan dessert.

Staff tried to placate the expat by assuring him that chefs would promptly prepare his specially made dessert but that didn’t stop him from hurling profanities at the employees who tried to keep it professional during the ordeal.

Several staffers made attempts to get the man to leave the staff-only kitchen and return to his table to wait for his food.

However, he ventured deeper into the kitchen accusing servers of trying to deceive him with false promises of vegan sweets.

The man-child, who works for a company known for bringing in foreigners over qualified Bahamians to work in top positions, has quite a reputation in the local and international insurance industry for being rude and obnoxious.

Though he is in The Bahamas on a work permit as a sales director, we’re told he also has a night job in a local restaurant playing the bass guitar.

His colleagues and event organizers were so embarrassed by his childish tantrum that they apologized to the staff for his terrible behavior.

The man finally got his vegan dessert at the end of the evening but couldn’t be bothered to say thank you or apologize for his over the top behavior.