Former Cabinet Minister Elma Campbell-Chase released on bail after being formally charged before Chief Magistrate!

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| Chief Magistrate Ferguson-Pratt heard the matter today of the former FNM Cabinet Minister Elma Campbell-Chase, her son, Che Toussaint Chase, and his girlfriend Leah Davis .

Both Elma and Che opted to have the matter heard in the Magistrate Court.

Now, as BP told you this morning, noted Q.C. Elliott Lockhart, after arraignment, applied for a bail application in the Supreme Court to have the former Ambassador to China released.

However, Che, who has put his ‘mah’ through all this foolishness, and his girlfriend, Leah, were remanded until tomorrow when it is assumed that both will receive bail from the Magistrate.

They were charged with 21 counts of Fraud, Money Laundering, Forgery involving some $1.4 million from the Ministry of Tourism. No word from Minister D’Aguilar on the matter even though Cabinet met this morning. And no one in the press has asked him either.

Elma has been locked down in jail for more than five days. We wonder if that is even constitutional.

Anyway, we shall know more about the case soon as we wonder if the Minnis Government will hire a Q.C. to show their intent against Bahamians!

We report yinner decide!