Former Cabinet Minister Leslie 'POTCAKE' Miller was robbed the evening


BREAKING NEWS now coming into BP confirms Former Cabinet Minister Leslie Miller was just been robbed by 3 gunmen outside his establishment on Harrold Road. The former MP for Blue Hills is unharmed but is visibly shaken following the ordeal.


  1. @LIZARD
    The papers did today though. but you know ZNS, they still on their Ingraham high. they will talk about convention for the next two weeks.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. @Bahamasyouth Because I asked you short and simple questions, but you answered back with a long response(not answering all of the questions), I will answer you back as best I can because I have things to do and I come back to this site every now and then when there is nothing going on in my life, and it is entertaining for me, I’m gonna make this as short as possible, firstly the speech was a good speech as far as entertaining, it was a few notches higher on the respect meter over McAlpine’s speech, I thought the name calling was not needed, the insults were not needed, not from a leader especially. Bradley Roberts did not point the finger on our bad economy, we did, everyday we do, Bradley Roberts is alright my friends, it’s we who pay the price daily and when I say pay the price, I mean
    pay the debt, Oh man this is a lot,

    Giving civil servants monies that are theirs, is not special, borrowing and spending the people’s monies is not special that money has to be paid back, that is the reason the debt is what it us now, you are a young man and you need to know that money doesn’t grow on trees, and our leaders need to point this out, if we had taken the monies we had and invested it in the people inside of a few friends and special intrest groups we would not be in the state we are in today,

    Awakened…. The PLP’s has ABUSE this economic depression to make Ingraham look like a monster… When he have put in place Programs to insist plenty people. ALL THIS IS POLITICS so anything goes but people who are OPEN MINDED understands what the FNM administration is up against.

    Bahamas youth:What did you mean when you wrote that statement above?, we shouldn’t think in tiny measures, someones not open minded because you have another point of view?, that’s close minded, we should respect each others views, you don’t have to agree with it. am not a PLP and I am not an FNM, I am a Bahamian first, I vote and who has the best ideas for this country and the leader I feel I can trust(Catch-22), I back, but borrowing money all day, ain’t gonna make things right, there is so much I can run on with but I’m gonna quit for now,

  3. @Awakened
    1. Awakend his speech was soo good because he brought SOLUTIONS. He said boldly he ga pay teachers, doctors and nurses the money they OWED them POINT BLANK. He also talked about the plan the government have for persons who can not pay their light bills on time. He tell em go to BEC and tell dem that HE SAY turn on their light and that they could work out a deal with BEC during these tough economic times. He also talked about minor issues facing his government from carl bethel as chairman to scholarship plans.
    Bradley Roberts and co. has pointed the finger for the bad economy to Hubert Ingraham. Some people have blamed Mr Ingraham for them loosing their jobs, from going to school abroad to even not paying their light Bills. Mr Ingraham have put in place ALTERNATIVES for all of the above some way or some how. In His speech he talked about his BEC program which cater to ONLY people who lost their jobs AFTER 2007, He has put in place a SPECIAL program to give TEMPORARY JOBS and FUNDS/LOANS to those unfortunate. He has given MORE FUNDS to the scholarship programs NATIONALLY so if that person who can not afford to go abroad that if they have A’s or B’s they can transfer to COB (Im on this scholarship program currently). Also, The temporary jobs he is trying to work with all MP’s FNMS to PLPs so that they can present a list of people who need JOBS.

    2&3. He didnt mentioned where the 66.6 million had came from but Im sure a bulk of it was from the TREASURY like what he said but im sure NOT ALL.

    _Final Conclusion_

    Awakened Im sure Mr Ingraham understand whats going on here, But we must REMEMBER that we depend TOO MUCH ON TOURISM. 80% of our tourist are AMERICANS. Americans is under a economic crisis but ECONOMIST predict that The American Economy is catching itself. Tourism is a FRAGILE INDUSTRY. Therefore FNM and PlP’s needs to STOP DEPENDING ON IT.

    Awakened…. The PLP’s has ABUSE this economic depression to make Ingraham look like a monster… When he have put in place Programs to insist plenty people. ALL THIS IS POLITICS so anything goes but people who are OPEN MINDED understands what the FNM administration is up against. Since a bulk of our money comes from TOURISM how can the fnm assist EVERYBODY? …. Its a tough world but I do see FNM’s has done above and Beyond to help people. A dear good friend of mines recently transferred from their college abroad but SHE UNDERSTANDS WHY. Her parents cant afford it and so cant the government. THEREFORE she is currently enrolled at COB and taking advantage of these problems so that she can transfer back.

    AWAKENED YOU SHOULD ASK THE PLP that when they were in office before 2007 what did they do In 5 years with KEEPING IN MIND THAT THEIR WAS NO ECONOMIC PROBLEMS.

    just remember:
    1. Sea Hauler victims and how the PLP assisted them
    2. Grand Bahamians and how the PLP assisted them
    3. International scandals and how Perry reacted to those allegations.
    4. Why no schools was build?
    5. Why no airports was build?
    6. Teachers not getting paid… schools starting late

    BY REMEMBERING THAT in 2007 there wasnt no ECONOMIC HARDEN-SHIP and Mr Christie has stated that he brought in Billions of dollars YET DO YOU REMEMBER ANY DEVELOPMENT?

  4. @BahamasyouthQuestion#1:Why was his speech so good?, and #2 who did the 66.6 million dollars come from?, #3 was this a sale or a loan?, does anyone have the answer?, I’m all for good things happening, but not to the detriment of the country, that is selling of our assets, please someone clear this up for me.

  5. @Russell Johnson
    100% Finally agree… Russell Johnson we FINALLY AGREE 100%. I was highly disappointed with The Free National Movement on the topic about CRIME. I didnt hear NO SOLUTIONS to curve crime. Yes crime is a social issue but also a government issue. Hubert Alexander Ingraham speech was very very good however LACKED in this department.

  6. it is dam wrong when you work hard for your money, save it for what you need for yourself, family and to build/expand your business and for some thugs to come and take it. We need a law to carry hand guns (only kidding) but something needs to be done

  7. I am grateful that the Potcake was not injured or killed and due to the seriousness of the incident will not seek to make my comments political.I however urge the Govt. to convene a workshop of serving and retired Police Officers to exchange ideas so that solutions can be found to deal with this vexing issue.Being a citizen am encouraged by the different committees formed but note with angst that none include serving or retired Policeman.Despite my heavy criticism of HAI I would hate to see his legacy tainted by insufficient response to CRIME.We cannot afford to be like other countries where entrepreneurs fled due to high incidences of Criminality.I make these comments as a citizen of Bahamas and not as a partisan.Kim and others who are entrepreneurs be careful and safe.

  8. on the heels of that, in Grand bahama last evening while the PM spoke at the convention the 11th murder took place in GB. This bringing the count to 73.

  9. Leslie Miller robbed at gunpoint

    By STAFF WRITER ~ Guardian News Desk:

    Former Cabinet minister Leslie Miller said he was robbed at gunpoint around 5:30 p.m. yesterday by two men, who got away with approximately $25,000.

    Miller told The Nassau Guardian he had just pulled up at Sunburst Paints, his business on Tonique Williams-Darling Highway, when the robbery occurred. He said he had come from the bank and was heading inside to make payroll for the workers of his nearby bowling alley.

    “When I pulled right up to Sunburst’s steps… just as I got out the car I had the payroll in my hand and my checkbook and as soon as I walked out, one gentleman came from the back seat of a gold Chevy Lumina and the other one came out of the front,” he explained.

    “One guy was tall, at least as tall as me, if not taller. Both of them had guns and they just pointed at my head and they said ‘If you don’t drop the (expletive) money I’ll blow your head away right now’. So I said, ‘no man, that [isn’t] necessary’.”

    Miller said he threw the money to the ground and one of the gunmen picked it up. He said they threatened to kill him if he looked back so he walked into his building.

    Miller said he saw the men get into the car and speed off. He believes there were three culprits as it appeared a third man was the driver.

    The former Blue Hills MP, whose son was murdered in 2002, said he was grateful to God that he was not killed during the holdup.

    Referring to the robbers, Miller also said, “I want to thank them for saving my life because they could have taken it. You have to realize, they decided not to kill me. They had two guns so if they had wished I would have been gone today.”

    Asked what was going through his mind while the robbery was taking place, Miller said, “It was so surreal, it almost was like a movie. This whole thing happened in less than a minute. As soon as I stepped out of the jeep and put my foot on the step the guys came out.”

    He said he remained calm during the incident and urged the gunmen to “cool it”.

    Miller said he still managed to meet payroll yesterday. He added that he plans to be more cautious “in these difficult times.”

    “Mind you, my daughters continue to tell me every week ‘daddy please, stop going to the bank by yourself. Let somebody else go.’ And I just ignored them. Now I can’t do it any more. I see exactly what they were talking about.”

    Miller said he was also robbed at gunpoint at Sunburst Paints one night about 10 years ago by two men with a gun who threatened to kill him.

    “I’ve been lucky,” he told The Guardian, adding that God is with him.

    Saturday, November 7, 2009

  10. YES no matter where Leslie Miller is im expecting 200% because Leslie Miller was a good minister and was a good MP. I wish he ran for leader of the PLP ill vote PLP if he was leader. I just watched Hubert Ingraham’s speech and OH BOY OH BOY HE KILLED IT!…. Hubert problem was that he is not telling the public what he is going to do and how he is going to do it. FROM Doctors to Nurses to Teachers to Light bills… he explained what he is going to do and he didnt run from the issues. People light off and he said that he have INITIATIVES TO TELL EM’and not d people who have outstanding balancing before the economy start to become bad. THATS WHAT I CALL A NO NONSENSE REAL LEADER FROM LESLIE TO HUBERT… E key dem gats to go, Perry gats to go and STAY OUT!

  11. I wish Mr. Miller would consider running in the next election for the South Abaco seat. He would be a great campaigner, and should be able to put a good whipping on tired old E. Key.

    South Abaco needs a dynamic Rep. We tired of do nothing types.

  12. @Correction
    Yes your right… Leslie Miller is a prime example of a progressive young man that assist all BAHAMIANS. I always hoped that Mr. Miller would go after being Leader or Deputy Leader in the PLP. Hes a prime example of a man who I have plenty respect for. I was highly disappointed that he lost his seat against Sidney Collie and I would love to see him more active in politics nowadays.

  13. Loosing his son not too many years ago, and then this. The poor man has been put through so much.

    This Country of ours is in a Royal Mess!!!! We need help, and need it NOW!!

  14. OMG!!! sorry to hear that…Thank God he is ok….don’t know what the Bahamas and this world is coming to…Parents you need to parent your children

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