Former Cabinet Minister now selling bed for sex? Now wait!


The now GONE FNM Cabinet Minister meddle in strange behaviours after getting kicked out of office.

Mid-day Special with ‘Jungaliss’ at rat and roach motel of Former Cabinet Minister

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking Information coming into Bahamas Press confirms a former Minister in the Ingraham Cabinet is not taking his losses too well.

We are told the former MP, who once carried on in the Parliament like a baby clown and barroom bully, is now drowning himself in liquor at a rat and roach motel in the South.

Night after night the former MP, who left his seed in South Africa and impregnated a belly dancer, is drunk and, according to some, leaves the bar and restaurant washed in tears after dancing and wining up on the many jungalisses who frequent the establishment.

Colleagues close to the former MP tell us, “Look how the mighty have fallen. From promoting the Bahamas and drinking fine wine, to now selling beds for sex in a brothel in the south. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!”

Sources close to BP tell us a Haitian jungaliss from Andros who has been a longtime sweetie of the former MP is still a regular at the bar. Last week she was seen laughing at the former MP who fathers her child.

During the MP’s term in the House, reports of his wild drunken sprees hit the front page of tabloids across the country. One time he went to a regatta event and fell flat drunk on the tarmac at the airport as he exited his car to board the plane.

On another occasion the former MP fell from a barroom in Harbour Island after consuming rounds of hard rum there and had to be lifted onto a golf car by two young jungalisses who also had to lift him into his room.

Then there was the unfortunate national embarrassment when another Haitian sweetie from the Golden Isles community rang the doorbell of the home of the MP and left a G-string on the knob with a note. The wife opened the door and discovered the panties and note.

A few months before, the MP was stalked by the ‘jungaliss’ as she broke up the government vehicle driven by the MP on Arawak Cay.

Word now is the MP has a loud platform on behalf of the FNM, but according to sources deep inside the Party, major players in the organization believe they made a grave mistake when they appointed the MP as Chief Spokesman at a recent convention.

The rat and roach motel connected to the MP owes the Bahamas Electricity Corporation thousands of dollars and some believe it also is deeply in arrears at NIB.  Even the new midday “bed for sex” special he’s running at the motel won’t be enough to pay off these mountainous debts.

We report yinner decide!