Former Chamber of Commerce head caught again!? Newspapers refuse to report this story!


Landscaping Company Principals allegedly cheat Shareholders, Managers and Government!?

Mr. Robert Meyers

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting that a major landscaping company here in the country is now in trouble as the courts are set to probe some damming information.

Bahamas Press has learnt Caribbean Landscaping, one of the oldest and largest landscaping companies in the Bahamas, principals are before the courts and from what we know from documents prove some people could end up in a criminal case.

We report the principals of the company are Robert Myers and Michael Myers. Readers would remember Robert was the former Chamber of Commerce head who had to resign after being caught attempting to defraud the Customs Department of due taxes.

In May 2014, Mr. Myers was elected as Chairman of the BCCEC. He heads the Caribbean Group, which operates Caribbean Landscape Ltd., Capstone Construction Ltd., Western Hardware and Lumber Co. Ltd., and ACIT Ltd.

According to court documents now shown to us, It reveals how the principals within the last 5 years were awarded over some 20 million dollars worth of contracts inclusive of properties Atlantis, Albany, and Balmoral.

But get this, despite that fact, the principals have stubbornly refused to pay shareholders one nickel or dime while directors of the company are juiced up with lavish bonuses and fancy buffed cars.


Court documents also reveal the principals have also refused to pay company managers any bonuses and from records; have – get this – supplied duplicitous accounting reports to crook, cheat and rip-off government from due taxes!

Bahamas Press have cogent evidence to substantiate that the principals have been fraudulent “COOKED DA BOOK” starving the Government of the Bahamas out of large import taxes due. One of the principal have went as far as to open his an accounting company to facilitate in these alleged fraudulent acts.

Bahamas Press now armed with loads of information call on The Bahamas Customs Department to launch an immediate investigation into these claims! NO ONE MUST GET AWAY DEFRAUDING THE PEOPLE OF THE BAHAMAS!!!!

One of the biggest shareholders other than Robert Myers and Michael Myers in the said company is, Simon Rohdean. But get this, in some twenty years it is alleged he has not been paid a cent for his ten percent ownership in the company and has now taken legal action against the principals.

Bahamas Press is examining more records closely and we can tell yinner now, there will be more stories with the crew coming.

Here is another report yinner will never read in the dutty wutless terlet paper dem!

We report yinner decide!