Former FNM Bamboo Town Candidate Cassius Stuart restarts his Bahamas Democratic Movement and ratifies Executive Teams


Cassius Stuart set to BREAK MINNIS FNM IN HALF and could organize

Cassius Stuart tell leaders to do more to combat vexing crime crisis under the FNM.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The Bahamas Democratic Movement ratified the party’s Executive Team, along with the Women’s Association Executive Team and the Young Democrats Executive Team on Saturday, October 17th 2020.

They are:Party Leader – Cassius Stuart

Chairman – Ivan Thompson

Vice Chairman – Charles Kemp

1 st Vice Chair – Nelda Fox

2 nd Vice Chair – Pedro Johnson

3 rd Vice Chair – Allen Smith

Secretary General – Sherrell Storr

2nd Asst. Sec. General – Cindy Tinker

Treasurer – Vaughn Jones

Asst. Treasurer – McClain Pinder

1st Asst. Treasurer – Tessa Bullard

Chaplin – Sonia Rolle

Sergeant-at-arms – Patrick Bethel

Governing Council

Allen Albury

Joe Fox

Kevin Frazier

Jermaine Higgs

Parish Simmons

Bernard Rolle

Dion Stuart

Samuel Bain

Wayne Johnson

Sherria Adderley
Tolonus Sands

Lorenzo Bullard

Felix Knowles

Sidney Carroll

Gaylene Forbes

Roseland Rohs

Women’s Association Executive Board

President – Nelda Fox

1st Vice – Kirsten Moss

2nd Vice – Tessa Bullard

3rd Vice – Sonia Rolle

Council Rep. – Felica Neely

Council Rep. – Shirley Smith

Council Rep. – Cindy Tinker

Trustee – Magorey Higgs

Marketing & PR – Ivette Knowles

Young Democrats Executive Board

Chairman – Jonell Fox

Vice Chairman – Rajay Feaste

1st Vice Chairman – Lyric Lightbourn

2nd Vice Chairman Amber Wells

3rd Vice Chairman – Mannisha Charlton

Secretary General – Kamryn Williams

Deputy Sec. General – Trevez Hamilton

1st Dep. Sec. General – Johnell Wells

Treasurer – Tonnice Stubbs

Asst. Treasurer – Gabrielle Mackey

1st Asst. Treasurer – Angel Cleare

Trustee – Tamia Armbrister

Trustee – Jasmine Hanna

Trustee – Dillon Russell

Trustee – Cassidy Stuart

Leader of the BDM, Cassius Stuart strongly believes that the move of the BDM is divinely accelerated and he is exceptionally pleased with the caliber of leaders coming together to be the drivers of change that our country so desperately needs.

The party has accomplished a lot in the past few months and in the coming months the party will complete the ratification of all officers, along with the ratification and announcement of the party’s candidates, he added.

The BDM is a transparent body with the best interest of Bahamian citizens at heart. The party’s 40 year plan to positively impact the Bahamas can be found on its website at

There will be many more opportunities to learn about our party’s platform and meet with our leaders. The Women and Men Association of the BDM for the past month have faithfully operated a weekly feeding program called “Our Brother’s Keepers”.

The teams deliver food throughout the communities in the inner city. It is our commitment to win the trust and support of the Bahamian people through our unwavering and genuine actions.

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