Former FNM Senator John Bostwick’s cousin Edward Barrett convicted for gun possession and sentenced to 4 years in prison with a $15,000 fine or face an additional 1-year in prison


Freeport Businessman Edward Barrett jr. convicted.

Freeport – Bahamas Press has breaking news coming right now out of Freeport, Grand Bahama where the sentencing of Edward Barrett, 48, of Pink Pearl Close, Freeport has been handed down.

Barrett the popular Freeport Businessman and cousin of John Bostwick jr. has been found guilty in his gun case and sentenced to four years.

His conviction of a firearm importation was handed down by Magistrate Samuel McKinney this afternoon. The ruling read his sentence to 4 years in prison with a $15,000 fine or face an additional 1-year in prison.

Back in 2016, Barrett was initially charged with six counts of firearms possession with intent to supply; two counts of possession of ammunition; three counts of possession of ammunition with intent to supply; nine counts of importation of firearms; conspiracy to import firearms and conspiracy to import ammunition. On the charges of firearm possession with intent to supply, prosecutors allege that Barrett had a 7.62 rifle, a 9mm rifle and a .45 Taurus revolver with intent to supply and two 9mm magazines and a 7.62 magazine with intent to supply.

He was accused of possession of 16 rounds of .25 ammunition and four rounds of .40 ammunition.

On the charges of ammunition possession with intent to supply, Barrett was accused of having 60 rounds of .223 ammunition, 68 rounds of 9mm ammunition and 40 rounds of .762 ammunition.

He was also accused of importing the contraband. His arrest came just following the discovery of his cousin then FNM Senator John Bostwick was arrested and charged.

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