Like Hubert Ingraham – PM Hubert Minnis made Texas the first of his so-called investment trips! But what was the trip really about?


The Minnis Administration has committed ‘Political Malpractice’ on the Bahamian economy!

Nassau – Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis led a massive delegation into Houston, Texas this week in what is claimed to be the first in a series of Investment tours to promote the country.

Now BP believes the PM would have spent public funds better and reaped more value had he traveled to DAVOS, Switzerland where every global tech company, corporation and world leader are meeting to promote their business in the world. He wasn’t thinking – AGAIN!

The PM decided to go to hurricane ravaged Houston where Irma hit hardest and left whole communities under water. They are still recovering.

When we examine the trip, we ask the PM, why did he really go to Texas? Not even the press could get a simple answer from the PM on this. Nor could he report what would be the results of his high-level visit! He definitely refused to discuss costs, even after he had berated the former administration over travels, with a promise to disclose financial details and to account to the public on such travels moving forward. That promise by PM Minnis was made on Wednesday, July 28th last year during his national address, and reinforced by his press secretary in October. So far, not one minister in the Cabinet has disclosed financial costs of their travels on behalf of the Bahamian people – Including the PM who announced the new standard.

But we have good memory in this media house and Bahamas Press wants to remind readers how similarly, back in 1992 following the General Elections, then Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham also made Texas his first “Investment” trip. We remember how Ingraham said he had “investors lined up across the bar.” But in the end, after his Texas proposed Landquist deal collapsed and failed, nothing immediately followed. The press is too young to remember that. Well, the Tribune should, but they had a friend in that Texas visit by Ingraham they should remember.

Ya see, when Mr. Ingraham landed in Texas, he paid a call on his handler, Carol Boyd Hallet. She may have been his case officer as agent #1622. And, after light refreshments and drinks like the puppet he always was, Ingraham returned home offering absolutely nothing for the Bahamian people from the trip.

And so, like Hubert #1 [Agent 1622], where was PM Minnis this week? Yes, you guessed it – Texas! Is this a mere coincidence? You be the judge.

We ga report and let yinner decide!