Former Guidance Councilor at SAC and 71-year-old grandmother ended her life today, according to police…


We at BP believe Judith Barnett-Adderley was murdered! Some 20 residents have mysteriously ended their lives so far for the year? NOT POSSIBLE!

NASSAU| While police remain tightlipped about the discovery of a 71-year-old woman found dead in her Eastern Estates home this afternoon, BP is digging deeper into the story as to how Mrs Judith Barnett-Adderley died.

According to our investigation team, the former St. Augustine College Math Educator and Human Resources employee, first at Kelly’s and then at Aliv/Cable Bahamas, was discovered dead.

According to reports, shortly after 11:00am, police officers were called to a residence on Falcon Crest, Eastern Estate, where a female was discovered unresponsive, with visible injuries to her body. Paramedics were called to the scene, but were unable to resuscitate the woman. She was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Suicide is being listed as the cause of death, however, Adderley was a devout Catholic who was more steep into the faith than the POPE! Catholics do no support, consider or believe in suicide!

The mother of two, who also had a grandchild showed no signs of stress according to sources, so how does a 71-year-old grandmother kills herself is just beyond us?

Mrs. Adderley once served as the guidance councilor at SAC and, for us, this unfortunate incident is just confusing and disturbing all at once. With more than 20 victims now listed as having committed suicide for the year – according to police – is just astounding! One taking their own life in the Bahamas is unconscionable and unrealistic if you ask us. Something else is happening here. Bahamians are afraid to die and most hate to see blood. We don’t believe it!

With more than five persons murdered in the past 36 hours, and with some 10 individuals victims of random shooting incidents this week, one must believe something has gone dangerously wrong in the country.

Why would Judith hang herself and leave her grandchild behind? She wasn’t mental! She showed no signs of stress! Boy, this is something else!

We report yinner decide!


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