Former M.P. Pierre Dupuch comments on the WTO…

Pierre Dupuch

By Pierre V. L. Dupuch
May 19, 2019

What is WTO? It is the World Trade Organization comprised of some very large countries and organizations controlling the economies of smaller countries. Is that not colonization?

They flatter us by telling us that we would be able to negotiate various positions which would be good for our country. Are they kidding? That’s like an ant crawling up an elephants leg with the intention of rape!!!

They don’t ask you what to do, they tell you what you must do. Today the Government is overspending as did Government’s before them. The WTO says that they must stop overspending or the dollar will weaken. Do we need the WTO to tell us that? Don’t we have the guts or the knowledge to do what is right?

They say we must join the WTO to tell us it is best to reduce import duties so that prices can decrease? Do we need the WTO to tell us this and demand that we do it? Does our Government have a “yes sir boss” mentality?

Many years ago when I was in the House of Assembly we got a direct order from Washington saying that “bearer bonds” were immoral and should be made illegal. They didn’t bother saying that their state of Delaware was thriving on “bearer bonds” and that we were giving them a run for their money. I suggested that we tell them that when they outlawed bearer bonds in Delaware, we would outlaw them here. Yes, you guessed it. We said “yes sir boss” and outlawed bearer bonds here and Delaware is still thriving on them.

And we want to join the WTO? Will it help us or will it help the big boys?

We are sitting on some of the most valuable assets in the world. But to make anything successful in commerce three things must be present: (1) production, (2) transportation, (3) marketing.

Bonefishing on the flats of Andros is a multi-billion dollar business. The Bahamians there have the knowledge of production, Bahamasair could provide the proper transportation and the Ministry of Tourism could supply the marketing.

Is that difficult? Or do we need to join the WTO so that they can do it for us?

Inagua has the largest colony of flamingoes in the world. The National Trust says that there are sixty thousand there. The people of Inagua have the product, Bahamasair could supply the transportation and again the Ministry of Tourism could supply the marketing.

Is that difficult? Or do we need to join the WTO so that they can do it for us?

The Bahamas could feed itself. We have any number of ripening seasons, what is blossoming in Abaco is ripening in Inagua.

The farmers on the islands can produce. Reliable transportation is for all intents and purposes non-existent. Marketing does not exist.

Is that difficult to make happen? Or do we need to join the WTO so that they can do it for us?

It would seem that this Government only knows how to tax, not to build!!

A most recent report says that our people are underproductive and overpaid.

Is this telling us something?

Immigration laws have made it easier to bring people in. Is it a stretch to say that since the successive governments have failed, the large corporations of the WTO should be able to come in here, bring in their workers, take their profits out and leave us and our grandchildren to wallow in the sludge left here by the likes of Carnival Cruise Line?

Wake up Bahamians!!!! We’re being taken!!!!


  1. Totally agree with Mr. Dupuch’s analysis of The WTO/Bahamas Induction status.

    We need to WAKE UP!

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