Murder in gated community in eastern New Providence – white male allegedly beaten to death by his male lover – but police are tight-lipped!


SAVAGE/VIOLENT murder of white male in goes unreported yesterday by police – WHY?

BP BREAKING| So what really happened in Yamacraw yesterday with all the private CCTV cameras, which should show and capture exactly how homicide #33 happened in Port New Providence. Boy, dey murdering the white people now?

The victim is still not identified, but, according to reports, police were called to a residence on Yamacraw Hill Road shortly before 5:00pm after receiving reports that the lifeless body of an adult male was discovered on the lawn.

Paramedics were called to the scene and attempted to revive the male, but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No one is safe!

An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death, but, like Judith Barnett-Adderley’s death, we will not hear another word from this and the killer(s) can head to their next victim.

All these people are being discovered dead, with visible injuries, and the public is not being updated at all on the homicides – what is dis?

In this latest incident, someone cannot beat they-self repeatedly in the head, then claim it’s suicide! Someone murdered the Caucasian male. Was he an American? Was it his said lover? Was it a robbery gone bad? Come on, detectives! We, Joe Public, gats to know more.

People in the east all being found dead in their house and nothing said! Do we have a serial murderer running free in eastern New Providence? We gats to know!

JUDITH Adderley was found dead in her house. She lived in the East was retired from Kellys and a SAC graduate. Dimaggio Darrell was found dead in his home – he lived in the east, not far from Adderley, and he, too, went to SAC. And now this white male who lived in the east was found dead in his yard – boy, if he worked at SAC, the police should start right there in the investigation. What is going on?

How did the white man die in his yard? Who beat him to death?

Meanwhile, the crime plan of saying nothing is working. Crime is down even though murder does not get properly communicated to the people. Victims are getting murdered all over the place and investigators are not alerting the press. And, if ya ask us, Da Press don’t give a damn!

Anyway, We report yinner decide!


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