Former PM Minnis requests police protection tomorrow after he incited violence against PLPs in Tribune…

Hubert Minnis lost on the management of the country now begs for police protection.

NASSAU| Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has requested that Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle provide him with police protection, citing a “threat to his personal safety”.

In a letter to the top cop, Minnis said he was made aware of a voice note by Minister of Public Service Fred Mitchell inviting members of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) “to the Public Square this Wednesday and show Hubert Minnis who might get their ass barked”.

Mitchell’s voice note was in defense of Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis, whom Minnis accused of making an irresponsible statement regarding a non-profit organisation affiliated with the former Minnis administration’s food programme.

“It’s a stupid and immature statement, an irresponsible statement to be made by any Prime Minister and I can’t wait to get in Parliament to buss his a– and their a– for talking stupidness,” Minnis said to the Tribune.

He was referring to Davis who said an NGO attached to the FNM government’s national food programme had close to $2 million sitting in its bank account that was not used to help Bahamians. He said the money has since been returned to the government as demanded by his administration.

Following Minnis’ threat to buss the PM’s a— for “talking stupidness”, Mitchell responded with a call to PLPs to stand by their leader.

In a show of hypocrisy, Minnis called this statement “a clear threat” to his personal safety, and added, “it invites all of the supporters of the governing Party to the Public Square for this Wednesday’s sitting of the House of Assembly for the purpose of physically attacking, assaulting, intimidating and injuring me”.

Minnis cited section 25 of the Powers and Privileges Act, which he said embodies a number of revered Constitutional conventions, and creates criminal offenses with respect thereto.”

Minnis requested that Commissioner Rolle provide him with police protection from “any unruly persons” who may seek to cause him “physical harm” as he seeks to perform his constitutional duties on Wednesday.