Former Police Officer EJ found guilty on one count of Child Pornography


While Bishop Randy Fraser went to prison EJ walks free after found GUILTY of Child Pornography!

Edmund Lewis Jr. aka EJ outside court.

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press this evening confirms former sacked police officer will be spared his two years jail time for 50 hours of community service after being found guilty on one count of child pornography.

The verdict was handed down today by Magistrate Janine Weech-Gomez against former police officer Edmund Lewis Jr. aka EJ. The defendant was convicted on one count of Child Pornography and was sentenced to two years for the crime. However, Magistrate Gomez delivered a conditional discharge with an attached 50 hours of community service as punishment. After community service is completed, EJ is to receive an absolute discharge.

The sexual encounters with a teenage girl was confirmed when EJ admitted that he had met the girl in September 2014. He told the court that he thought the girl was older than 17 years, and she consented to being filmed. What a freak!

Police found a treasure achieve of nasty porn in the possession of the officer with all kind of topless and ‘panty-less’ young gals having dangerous copulations and wicked orgies with the defendant. We wonder if the tapes were destroyed or are they now in someone else’s achieve. That remains unknown.

Darell Taylor represented the crown while Rayzard Humes represented EJ. All we say is this; had the promised Sexual Register to protect dese children had been instituted we in the Bahamas would be protecting the children from a recurrence of these serious events. But ain’t nobody serious about protecting ‘da churrin dem’!