Former student of Anatol Rodgers High School is 101th homicide victim…


Who wanted this young woman Candice Clarke dead? And why?!

Candice Clarke, 19

NASSAU| A young chef who was about to celebrate her 20th birthday this month has become the country’s 101 homicide victim early this morning.

CANDICE Clarke was with another female leaving Arawak Cay around 1:45 am on this blessed Sunday morning when a lone gunman – dressed in a hooded jacket – walked up to her and shot her fatally multiple times. She died on the scene.

Clarke had graduated from Anatol Rodgers High School and was making her way in her career. Why was she targeted is still unknown. Was she a witness in some serious incident? Or was this some love-hate triangle which went bad? No one is saying and police are right-lipped. Perhaps they don’t know either. We however await CCTV or some sketch of the shooter from the area.

We at BP also have yet know who was that victim shot dead in the head near HighPoint on Friday night. Not one family member has recorded anything to police? Who was this male walking in this well-to-do neighbourhood just outside ye home of a former Cabinet Minister? Ahhh boy.

Anyway, we ga report and let yinner decide!