Four dead and four rushed to hospital in Fox Hill…


Greenslade warns the nation that criminals have crossed the line – THE BARBARIANS ARE AT THE GATES OF THE CITY!~!!

The scene outside that Freedom Park shooting tonight. Photo by

Will we come together and solve crime? Or are we ga keep talking bout it? Nation must start by pleading the blood of JESUS!

Nassau, Bahamas — Mass killings in the country have taken a new high and from the looks of things everyone – even BP has lost count of the homicide rate in the Bahamas.

At last count it was 112, but after tonight’s shooting, we cannot truly say what is the homicide count in the country is. Tonight’s massacre, the second of it kind in days here in the capital, has left Fox Hill residents in fear.

Police rushed into the Fox Hill community just after 6pm last night where bodies were everywhere and four men were long dead.

A group of Junkanoo supporters had gathered just outside the shack of the Fox Hill Congos where they all awaited the results for the Boxing Day B Group- Categories. The incident took place on Freedom Park in the heart of Fox Hill. There, the barbarians opened fire on the unsuspected crowd; killing dead even the son of a prominent Fox Hill businessman.

We can confirm a total of four [Three men and one woman] have all died and another four were rushed to hospital with one still in critical condition. “Every type of weapon was used in this latest shooting,” our source told BP.

COP Greenslade was also live on the scene and noted that a line has been drawn in the sand.

BP warned the nation and authorities following the suspension of the 12-hour shifts that is was highly possible that mass killings could become the order of the day once swift and certain punishment were not administered on lawless murderous thugs, who are on bail. We warned that officers must know when a nation is under siege! We must take it serious when weapons are being discovered in homes behind plush residential gates or on yachts. We must take it serious when exotic animals are being planted to create fear and pandemonium in a society. And we must take it damn serious when people who should be upstanding residents are seen and heard calling police “Terrorists” and are seeking to destabilize the Bahamas. Such individuals should be shown the ‘FRIGGIN’ door of the nation before we lose our mind.

We are at war! Bahamians have seen and can record that this is the second deadly bloody massacre attack in the country in days. Bahamians were left in the shock and are horrified when one man died while six others were rushed to hospital after they were shot and opened fire upon at a “Bring the Peace Back in Bain Town” party on Monday 16th, December evening. That bloody evening came just after a massive Prayer Rally on R.M.Bailey Park, which sold more hotdogs and chicken than people saved.

The country needs prayers….

We report yinner decide!