Four patrons of a club in West End shot up last evening – Police never reported the mass shooting incident….


Shot victim Vante was shot in spleen and liver last night and is now a medically induced coma!

Vonte, a victim of the mass shooting in West End last evening, is now in a medically induced coma. He was not even the target.

WEST END| Police have yet to inform anyone in the press or the country how four persons were shot up inside a club in West End, Grand Bahama last night.

Only BP can report how four persons were shot at a club called “Coffee on Bay” in the western end of the island.

Guns were fired in a heated exchange and bullets ricocheted off the floor, hitting patrons about the body. One patron’s ears were shot off, and another got shot in the leg. A third patron was shot in the arm while another victim, Vonte was shot in the back where the bullets pierced straight through his stomach. 

Yinner see why ya cannot get BP to attend any of these holiday events? And the police and the WUTLESS MEDIA never reported a damn word! WHAT IS THIS? And what is incredible about this incident is how none of the persons shot was the intended target!

Victim Vante was shot in the spleen and liver and is now a medically induced coma! The family is requesting some 20 pints of blood urgently needed for his healing.

Man, this is something in the Bahamas, eh? You could die inside a club and the matter never gets reported in the country! What in the hell is dis? #crimedown

We report yinner decide!