Four tests positive for COVID19 at Lightnourn Trading warehouse and the operations remain open!?

Lightbourne Trading Headquarters on East West Highway.

NASSAU| Four persons from Lightbourn Trading’s warehouse have tested positive for COVID 19.

BP is following this breaking development which is yet to be reported or followed up by any Health official.

We can confirm one of the warehouse drivers on Tuesday was at work coughing and vomiting; showing flu-like symptoms in the warehouse and as he was sent home. Two days later it was discovered that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Since this discovery some three more warehouse workers have also tested with confirmed positive COVID19 results. This means there is community spread within the warehouse’s distribution centre.

This warehouse supplies groceries to numerous stores across New Providence and to all the Family Islands via the mailboat system.

Over 89 employees are to be tested, which is yet to begin. We at BP are still shocked to know that while the general public has been locked down for months now with dangerous restrictions and violations to our constitutional rights, the operations at the warehouse remain open and unmolested by authorities. WHAT IS THIS?!

All we say is this; Lightbourn Trading is about to reinfect the entire country with COVID19 and no one has control of this present danger to the safety of the whole nation! WHAT IS THIS?

Yinner see why these people are all over the place trying to shut BP operations down. What are they trying to hide? The press has reported how uniform officers were stopped and arrested for violations of the emergency order. We know how the coconut salesmen were charged for their violations. But why no one wants to report how these BIG COMPANIES are a risk and danger to the entire community? WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!