Fred Mitchell responds to FNM call for his resignation

Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell

21st August 2013

I always knew the Leader of the Opposition and his colleagues had problems with the English language but I did not know that comprehension was one of those problems.

With regard to their allegations about the video tape, how many times must you tell these people that an investigation is still on going into this matter and when the matter is done the government will follow the results of the investigation.
That is no cover up.  That is clear, pellucid, easily understandable and verifiable.  Only the FNM cannot understand.

All of us understand what a difficult job  the FNM  has where their Leader simply cannot properly read the tea leaves; where the Leader of the FNM organization is uninspiring and simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of what is before him, even though it is in plain sight.  To help this poor performance, he has to sully the name of others.

It is simply unimaginable that we have today something which is so simple and direct be twisted into some vast political conspiracy.  In fact the FNM is talking a jumble of foolishness and I pray that their allies in the press do not go walking into a place where fools have rushed in.

I am very careful about my reputation.  I will watch every word and accusation, and if they miss and make one false allegation or innuendo we will see them in court.

I will say it slowly this time: the government has indicated that there is an investigation into the allegations made at the detention centre.  This will mean a review by a retired Justice of the Court of Appeal and a leading cleric.  Those are my instructions. That has been my consistent public statement.  The statements have been in the public domain for weeks. Until the time of the completion of the investigation, the FNM can spin what spurious lines it wishes, the facts are stubborn on this matter.  When the investigations are complete, the government will act and the chips will fall where they may.

I have never met a more unpatriotic, un Bahamian group than the FNM.  They opposed independence and now they are siding with enemies of The Bahamas against Bahamians.  When will they stand up for The Bahamas?  Their supporters in the press need to ask them that question?

In the meantime, I will pray to God for the patience of Job.