Friends of Ebony Allaya Miller raised $18,000 for funeral expenses in one day…

Ebony Allaya Miller 24

Friends of a young Bahamian doctor who lost her life in a traffic fatality have already raised almost $18,000 just one day after posting notice on gofundme.

Her tribute wrote: “Ebony Allaya Miller was our classmate, daughter, sister and friend. She was the kindest, most intelligent, most creative, thoughtful, driven, hardworking, and loving person.

“In all aspects of her life, she gave everything. To her family, she was devoted and loving. She was a source of love, comfort, and an often-needed voice of reason for her friends.

“Throughout her education, she was the standard that her classmates could only hope to reach one day. It is impossible to list all of the positive things that can be said about a person of such high character who had a heart that shined so brightly. She was a light to so many in her life and lit up every room she entered.

“In the early hours of November 18th, 2022, our beautiful, intelligent, loving, and talented Ebony was taken from us in a fatal car crash. This fund is to support the family as they lay her to rest. Ebony passed away in the USA while working as a healthcare professional. However, her loved ones and family remain in the Bahamas and wish to bring her home. Our goal is to ease the financial hardship of funeral costs in the US and The Bahamas. We want to ensure she is given a ceremony as beautiful and dignified as she was and ask that you donate as generously as possible. No donation is too small. Everything helps. While our world will never be the same, we smile, knowing she will always be with us.

“Please keep her family and friends in your minds and prayers.”