From glorified midwife BABY KILLER to Prime Minister! WE ARE IN TROUBLE!


BP SUNDAY SPECIAL| “The people in RED don’t care if ya dead!” – AS A MAN THINKETH – SO IS HE!

Tools for an ABORTION

NASSAU| We at BP could not help but watch the TV broadcast of the Parliamentary Channel and watch in awe as PM Hubert Minnis turned loud on Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C., suggesting that he wanted Bahamians to die in the pandemic.

The comments by Minnis were simply an attempt to deflect from the fact that he was invoking his Emergency Powers over the Bahamian people for another few months until May 23. The attempt here was to turn the debate into a gutter row over who was right on these unconstitutional powers. Davis advanced the point how the powers were beneficial to the few benefactors of the government while leaving the wider public behind suffering.

PM Minnis refuses to answer the many questions on whether the country really needs any more Emergency Powers, which are in place because of the laziness and inaction by the Administration to bring new laws to manage the pandemic. All Competent legal minds across the country know the Emergency Powers are only designed as a temporary measure and were never designed to be exercised in this long-term abusive way against free citizens.

Minnis, like most abusers, however, turned on Davis, suggesting that he wished the death of Bahamians in this pandemic. True to fashion, ya know, most abusers, tyrants and dictators always try to deflect attention away from their unlawful, illegal demagogic actions designed to debase democracy. PM Minnis wants you to believe the lie that he is trying to protect people, when in fact his draconian style of managing the pandemic is simply a method to reduce the quality of life for the poor.

Most Bahamians, particularly FNMs, do not really know Minnis, and, thus, to interpret or understand his confused, dumb language, and hodgepodge animal-like rants is impossible for many. We doubt even the PM knows what he is saying at times, much less explain what he is really doing to The People.

But Minnis should be the last person to discuss the idea of killing Bahamians. He has had much practice in the art of murder. That thought had dominated much of his professional career at the Oxford Medical Centre where he practiced his glorified midwifery skills, killing more unborn babies than the Bahamian law allowed.

Minnis simply forgot how he ran abortionists in this country out of business, as he made tons of money killing UNBORN Bahamians as a practitioner of the profession. He stayed on the cutting edge of the business, leaving some former practitioners previously engaged in murdering the unborn in the wilderness and out in the cold. Readers should note in the Bahamas abortion is an illegal, unlawful practice! BUT THAT NEVER STOPPED HUBERT MINNIS FROM PRACTISING IT – AND WE WISH HIM TO DENY THIS!

In fact, in some cases, we know he turned some mothers into vegetables and caused their untimely death as he botched his way into practice in the country. This is the same man we all present as Prime Minister today!

You know, we are shell shocked on how the Catholic Church – of which PM Minnis is a member – didn’t excommunicate the Prime Minister for his practice of murdering the many unwanted babies in the country. To enter the body of a woman and discard the life of the unborn is a cardinal sin of the church! Sometimes we wonder how the Dr. Kevorkian of the nation slept at night after militating those many “fetuses of innocence”, whose sacred and holy mission into the world was taken by what Christians call “the work of darkness by the very act of the evil one” to kill the unborn and take life. We ain’t ga get an amen here!

We are shocked how so many in the country have yet to see how coldhearted, dishonest, disloyal and mean-spirited the PM behaves. And don’t take our comments for it; just ask Loretta Butler-Turner. Ask K. Peter Turnquest, his once trusted safe hands at the head Finance. Ask Dr. Duane Sands who was fired during a global pandemic! And if all those fail to tell you, just ask Minnis’ SAC schoolmate and longtime friend Chippie Chipman what kind of darkness he encountered with the man we now call the Prime Minister!

But before we rest our case and hand it back to you the jury who will deliberate these submissions, let’s take this debate into another angle.

Prime Minister Minnis should be the last to raise on the floor of Parliament who wanted who to die when it was him, supported by members of his inner Cabinet at the time, who sat and feasted in the old Shoal building on Nassau Street, eating stew fish and johnny cake just hours before a record killer Cat 5 Hurricane was about to touch down on Bahamians in Abaco and Grand Bahama, changing their lives forever and taking souls in its wake.

And, lest we forget, this is the same Prime Minister who, following that catastrophic hurricane, delayed moving in rescue teams to save the lives of many who called into ZNS screaming for help and emergency assistance as the waters swelled all around them. The Prime Minister himself told a reporter how he wasn’t sending anyone out to rescue Bahamians. Yinner forget that, too?!

Hubert Alexander Minnis should be the last to talk about who wanted Bahamians to die when it was his government who left the dead from Dorian for eight months in a hot trailer UNIDENTIFIED – dragging hundreds more into the bushes for a burnt burial – to then delete missing victims off the list, a total which remains a mystery to this day to local and international observers. Even the Miami Herald has raised this very issue and the question by the international press remains unanswered by the Minnis Government.

Bahamas Press believes The Minnis Administration has some serious human rights questions to be answered in the months ahead on what really happened to the missing persons in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. And who decided to discard and delist the names of missing victims? WHO?!

The man who rose from a “glorified midwife BABY KILLER” to Prime Minister should be the last to suggest that anyone else in the Parliament wants to cause the death of Bahamians. As the record shows, only one Parliamentarian made his money killing the unborn of the Bahamas, and, since then, has left a trail of blood and death in his wake.

As a youth told BP, “The people in RED don’t care if ya dead!

We report yinner decide!