Funds at Bahamasair raided even in a pandemic! Worker used the National Flag Carrier accounts to purchase supplies for his private company!

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.

NASSAU| The cash strapped national flag carrier Bahamasair is losing monies not just from COVID-19 crisis, but from the mismanagement of funds in the care of certain Top Level Executives.

The airline’s Chief Financial Officer and a newly appointed contracted worker are running the airline into the ground, and there is evidence to prove that the Cabinet must get involved!

The CFO is weak on understanding the financial side of the airline business because she doesn’t know the industry. She never had any previous experience, and we firmly believe this administration placed her in the post to get rid of the exceptionally experienced talents in the department!

BP can report to you that Bahamasair’s Accounts Department no longer has its internal auditing division. It has no data auditing! And no Fraud or Charge back auditing exercises are being done at the airline. THIS IS SERIOUS!

Right now all of the senior persons in those areas identified at the FLAG CARRIER do not exist in the company anymore. All have left the airline and we really wonder why they were encouraged to leave. And so, just like the Competent Authority, the CFO is a one woman band, trying to figure out how to do all these tasks by herself. WHAT IS THIS? What ever happened to the rule of separation of duties in an accounts department to protect the system from purveyors, fraud, corruption and outright theft?!

Meanwhile, the new contracted worker has taken over sections of digital services at Bahamasair and he, we can prove, is having a ball.

As fast as he came, hired by the Board, he has already found himself in hot water for mishandling, misappropriating and defrauding the tax payers’ money at the national airline.  What happened to the ANTI-CORRUPTION UNIT THESE DAYS?

Bahamas Press reports, and has seen documents to the same, that this same contract worker was caught ordering and collecting supplies for his private company through Bahamasair’s account. WHAT IS THIS?

And he was using Bahamasair’s money to pay for and clear his personal items.

Bahamas Press is learning that management high up at the airline is aware of this and, until now, has kept this as the biggest secret of late at the airline. Well, BP is everywhere, we told ya – and yinner should know if the BOARD didn’t know and the Minister didn’t, BP did!

Meanwhile Bahamasair, at $38,000 monthly, maintains a leased space at Doctor’s Hospital Complex WEST (The same complex where the COVID PEOPLE ARE!) How many times will the Bahamian people be bailing out Doctor’s Hospital? Minnis gat shares in the hospital, eh? Yinner ga soon find out!

The Competent Authority must step in and deal with his political appointees and get them out of Bahamasair to save what’s left!

Some people need to be removed immediately from Bahamasair.  If the Prime Minister fails to act, then we at BP will have no choice but to alert the Bahamian people as to why we will!

We report yinner decide!