Further delays are expected at Bahamar as project is still not complete!


Property is looking beautiful as thousands of young Bahamians are on the job for the first time!

Bahamar's Grand Entrance all lit up tonight!

Nassau, Bahamas — Tonight a letter announcing further delays to the Bahamar opening for this week Friday proves to be a challenge for the property as further construction delays would not meet the expectations of the owners.

Bahamas Press will post the letter in its entirety for all to see. Last year Bahamas Press broked the story informing the public that Bahamar would be 10 months behind. No one believed us – not even members of the WUTLESS MEDIA!

What we can say though is that the property looks great, new jobs have been created, thousands of young Bahamians are right now being trained as the mega $3.5 billion resort is set to open sometime soon. This is still great news!

We report yinner decide!