Gaming Board workers will be paid as ordered by the court but then fired again, a Cabinet Source confirmed!

Supreme Court

NASSAU| The Gaming Board Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar has been given his instructions to comply with Justice Indra Charles’ ruling that some 30-plus Gaming Board workers won this past week.

The workers took the Minnis Government to court following their wrongful terminations back in 2017.

Justice Charles said the redundancy procedures outlined in the Employment Act were not followed, including its mandate that the relevant union be consulted before people are made redundant. She ordered on Monday that the employees be reinstated and paid damages.

The abrupt, poorly advised decisions of the Government will now cost taxpayers millions but this, we understand, will not be the end.

While the Minnis Government will comply with the decision to compensate the workers, a high-level Cabinet source has confirmed to BP that the workers will now be “terminated in the right and proper manner.”

We understand the Government will make the compensation payments to the workers and then, following that, separate them according to the amounts due – in other words giving notice to the union and paying them for a second time.

The move was also repeated with the Cabinet’s decision in a highlevel Gaming Board meeting this past week and the relevant paperwork is being drawn up.

We believe the taxpayers cannot afford this bungling exercise of multiple legal disputes which continues on the dime of the poor. We believe the Minnis Government is being dangerously advised and, well, yinner know we have been concerned for sometime now over the competence of the Attorney General Carl Bethel, and you should too.

Anyway, the advice coming out of Cabinet is that the Gaming Workers will be paid as ordered by the court, then sent home in the right fashion, and paid again in their separations from the Board. What in the hell is this?

We report yinner decide!