Garbage filled vehicles dumped alongside Soldier Road? WHAT IS THIS?

Junk left on the side of the road on Soldier Road. Same being left along Gladstone Road.

NASSAU| Dumping is fast becoming a serious problem in the Bahamas, even though the government has made considerable strides to have local garbage collected twice a week.

All across the island we see the efforts of the sanitation and waste department in the Environment Ministry to have community waste disposed of in a timely manner. This is commendable and must be acknowledged. But no matter how good the efforts are, something must be done about these nasty people who continue to drag and deposit these derelict vehicles all along the streets.

Here in the photo above is a vehicle left on the sidewalk on Soldier Road East, just outside a nasty vehicle dump. The van was filled with garbage and abandoned right on the pavement, exposed to the traffic.

You must wonder where is the Environmental Court to monitor these things. Where is the police? Someone has to take charge of this place!

We report yinner decide!