Gas for less than TWO DOLLARS per gallon in Nassau!!!



Another trucker seen racing over Gladstone Road in a hurried speed overtaking vehicles. Until we decide to SLOW DOWN, no one can be blamed for the gas hikes at the pumps.

Nassau Bahamas: Educating the public about conservation and adjusting bad habits is something NO GOVERNMENT appears to want to do. Who in this Bahamas promotes conservation when it comes to gas in this country? NO newspaper nor radio station does – WHY?

Bahamas Press has done its own testing and has discovered that if you follow these simple practices, the next time you go to the pumps you would cut your purchase of gas by more than 50%. During the 70s reduced speed limits were legislated, WHY? It was imposed to stem consumer demands on gasoline. Yet today no one in this country is telling Bahamians that by slowing down, they would conserve gasoline.

If you decide to drive your vehicle no faster than 45 miles per hour (mph), and keep your tank full and organizing your movements on a daily basis, we can guarantee you would cut your consumption on gasoline by more than half. Our recent tests have proven this, thus resulting in a daily expenditure of no more than $3 dollars. Lets take today for instance where our early morning journey led us on a full tank of gas from Bacardi Road in the southwest, through traffic to the Royal Bank of Canada on Paradise Island, then on several stops in Palmdale, and later a visit at Higgs and Johnson in the Montagu area. Lunch on our journey took us to Fish Fry and then back to our starting point.

When returning to Esso on Carmichael, riding for almost 5 hours today and never going over the 40 miles per hour mark, amazingly again what usually would have been a $12 refuel was only $2.68 cents. This is the 4th day of riding and our refuel has not moved over $3.00.

Keeping this practice, we would have spent no more then $20 for this week (7 Days) on gas, from a usual $84 a week gas bill. Here is savings of some $64, all by simply reducing our speed to no more then 40mph and keeping the gas tank FULL.

This is no pill nor is it another gimmick but simple conservation. Bahamas SLOW DOWN and CONSERVE!

Walls are taking constant beatings from speeding motorists – particularly the church walls by ZION BAPTIST CHURCH. All around the country this is the result of hurried drivers who seem to be incapable of SLOWING DOWN! Last week a mother and son lost their lives on Prince Charles Drive because one asinine driver sought to turn the roadway into a 3 lane highway slamming his vehicle into the victims’ vehicle head on. STUPIDITY IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE! Slow down Bahamas, why the rush to the stop light, all to discover that you have thrown out of the window gallons of gas all to get to a stoplight? When you do this, don’t complain about gas prices, because you can be just like us -paying less at the pump – in your gasoline engine.


  1. After reading your story this morning on the police protecting the number house and what I thought was two Jack-Asses tailgating the police car in and out the traffic during 5 o’clock rush hour could have actually been a police car escorting the money bag for the numbers ring.

  2. I just wonder how many drivers will follow your advice. The roads of Nassau have become lawless, drivers do as they wish. Yesterday afternoon at 5:15 p.m. in the traffic rush hour on East Bay Street opposite East Villa Restaurant while in the usual stop and go traffic at that hour, I witnessed a police car with siren going weaving in and out off traffic on its way to an emergency I assume being tailgated by two private vehicles, one a black Mustang and the other a bus with a taxi plate. I was obvious these two Jack-Asses were following the police car using its open track to get avoid sitting in the bumper to bumper traffic with the rest of us law abiding citizens. This it not the first time that I have seen drivers using this means to get through traffic.

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