Gay Rights Activist tells why she is running for office after rejection by FNM!


FNM chase activist from nomination table!

Terneille Burrows
Terneille Burrows

Nassau, Bahamas – In the wake of Guy Fawkes Day, I am compelled to offer further explanation on why I am running as an independent candidate in the next general election.

The notion that a corrupt government can only be “overthrown” through violent revolution is hogwash. Perhaps those who seek to ascend to positions of power may disagree, for fear that such ascension may take too much work, strategy, public education, civic engagement and widespread trustworthiness to actually happen quickly.

I would support those who seek to be elected to office if they demonstrated all of the following:

• A heart for national advancement above and beyond personal gain

• Confidence but not arrogance

• Belief in accountability, transparency, the Rule of Law and separation of powers

• A track record of career achievement that could be emulated on a national level, toward economic advancement through building new industries

• A track record of community development work

• Consistent public engagement

• Concern for Human Rights & Protections

• A plan for peace through crime prevention, detection and law enforcement

It is not difficult to oppose government mis-steps and wrongdoing. It is very difficult to do the work required to implement prospective solutions, without governmental support. I propose to do the latter, but still invite the government to support, if they so choose.

I have been protesting corruption and failure of parliamentarians to disclose their assets annually. As the founder of Rise Bahamas, we have demonstrated for stiffer penalties for convicted sex offenders and for the full enactment of “Marco’s Law”. Our current petition is calling for the implementation of a national violence prevention plan. I believe that the money allocated toward Bahamas “Junkanoo” Carnival should be redirected toward funding civil society and NGO-led social development programs.

I am sufficiently convinced that our current government, nor the previous, are serious enough about tackling the root causes of violent crime through deep-rooted, long term, extensively funded social development programs. It’s time for a Bahamas that is independent from the minority rule of Foreign Direct “Investors”, millionaire/billionaire expats and the political elite. I invite anyone that possesses the qualities mentioned above to run in the constituency you reside in, or are willing to relocate to, as an independent candidate.


Terneille Burrows

Independent Elizabeth

Terneille Burrows announces candidacy as M.P. for Elizabeth Constituency



  1. You cant speak of righteousness yet promote Darkness – its confusing – I support New Age Strategies, but not when it challenges traditional moral foundation. They say be true to yourself — Follow your heart , do what feels right to you — these are all tactics to disseminate the idea that “love” “emotions” and “natural feelings” are more important than Gods instructions. Remember Doing what you feel is 100% tru and right doesn’t make it justified. I think Ms Burrows is smart, innovative and Hot — but i cant promote darkness .. sorry

      • I would put my money behind any Bahamian graduate studying inside or outside the country over any other nationality.

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