GG Bodyguard murdered on the grounds of Government House in 2019 and still the Public has yet to hear one word from the Inquiry? WHAT IS THIS?!

RBDF officers on duty outside Government House on Sunday following the shooting which led to the death of Petty Officer Philip Perpall (inset). Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune staff
P/O Philip Perpall

NASSAU| Still no justice has been seen in the murder of P/O Philip Perpall at Government House while on duty. No one knows why the case has been stalled and we question what has happened with the investigation.

A gunman was allowed to walk onto the compound of Government House. Murder a marine. Fire on others and leave the property of the state which is the official residence of the Bahamas’ Governor General!

When will The Bahamian People hear the results of the inquiry in the death of a stellar RBDF Marine?

Or is this another matter being swept under that BIG DUTTY RED CARPET? WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

We report yinner decide!