Gibson, Bannister and Neymour all FNMs running from their seats?


Kenyatta Gibson, The WUTLESS MP for Kennedy.

Nassau, Bahamas — The Free National Movement is headed to a convention and from what we know, that event will take place this November.

The big conclave will come just after the Boundaries Commission has concluded its report to Parliament and, from what we know, a complete roll out of the Party’s candidates will appear at that grand event. But get this.

There are several FNMs who are scared as hell to run in their seats. Bad representation is chasing Desmond Bannister, the minister of education, to North Andros. We are told Phenton Neymour will be no more run in South Beach and from the word on the streets, Kenyatta Gibson is fleeing to a seat somewhere in Northern New Providence.

BP believes no matter how the boundaries are cut, or where they run their records will follow them to the ballet box.

There are five reasons penned by BP; now in fliers on the ground in the constituency of Kennedy and in that suspected seat in northern New Providence where Gibson is proposed to run.

Reasons why the people should reject Kenyatta Gibson at the polls:

Reason #1

He is a switch-hitter; He turned his back on the people of Kennedy and went with the FNM. If he did that before, what makes you think he would not do it again?

Reason #2

The people of Kennedy cannot hear from their MP. Gibson has ran from them like a cat afraid of water. Not one meeting in two years have been held with residents some say, and in so much words the BAD MP has abandoned the people of Kennedy. To that northern constituency, what makes ya think he ain’t ga abandon you? He reminds us of the former leader of Libya, Gaddafi at times. Big in mouth, when in fact, he is nothing but a tall big Pussycat.

Reason #3

He has not once in two years brought to the Parliament one single statement on the violence, the state of poverty and despair faced by the people of that community. He is mum when it comes to the people concerns and has not one day made a statement on the bad roads affecting the people of that community.

Reason #4

While he continues to collect a constituency allowance of $1,500, residents in Kennedy tell us, they cannot find ONE CONSTITUENCY OFFICE where their concerns can be addressed. No back to school event was held for the children in need of supplies and not one party was made public in the constituency.

Reason #5

Kenyatta Gibson supported the increase in taxes on the working poor and the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless. There is no record of any meeting with the people of Kennedy on these matters, nor was there any attempt by the MP to hear the views of the residents on these matters.

Bahamas Press warns the people of that northern New Providence constituency, if the WUTLESS MP did that to the people of Kennedy, what you think he will do to you?

REJECT the misfits who want a seat in the honourable House and hate people!

BP advises voters to reject Kenyatta Gibson.


  1. We must put all Public Officials on NOTICE!
    Beware, that persons aspiring to be elected to the House Of Assemble in the Bahamas must know, that the Voting, Bahamians, Haitians, Barbadians, Jamaicans, American, British Etc.. WILL NOT REELECT “switch hitters.”

    I understand that many PMs wants to leave their present area and RUN in another Constituency…as the song says..Tell me why they Run…”

    The excuses the PMs are giving are mind-boggling; we really must be the dumbest people on Planet Earth.

    My charge to all Voters is to tell all MPs FNM & PLP.
    Go back and face the music!

  2. Oh BP … Dont worry,if that Judas comes in St Thomas More, He will get a triple cut hip. (1) for betraying the people of Kennedy who elected him as PLP (2) Some of The people in St Thomas More may be Poor but they aint Stupid they know bad representation and its written all over that Judas face (3) This is PLP teritory, we will end this traitor political career

    • Kenyatta knows he is finished. Hubert is only using him as a token. He is a big lazy waste of time, he really should not run. As soon as he went to the fNM he lost his voice…dumb! Cant speak. Hubert really knows how to control his big boys. Charles, Phenton, Bannister and the so called MP from Clifton..i cant even remember his name. This group of MP’s is the lousiest this country has ever seen.

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