Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller joins the Philip Brave Davis PLP


NASSAU| BREAKING NEWS coming from the Parliament as the Golden Isles MP Vaughn Miller has joined the Progressive Liberal Party front bench, increasing the bench of the Opposition.

Miller, who was elected under the Minnis Regime, has, like so many thousands, moved out of favour with the Governing Party as the months slip away and a General Election draws near.

Today PM Minnis was promising all kinds of lies as he talked about building a new third home in North Andros! At a time when Bahamians can’t buy drawers, Minnis announced how he is about to build a 3rd home in the big yard!

Miller’s shock resignation from the FNM in December last year  came after he lambasted the Minnis administration on multiple national issues like the 60% increase on VAT, Oban, the scandalous Town Centre Mall deal and recently on the country’s natural resources.

Today’s move by Miller again confirms his line “The FNM will NOT REPENT and I shall not recant!”

We report yinnner decide!