Young Woman Police Constable interdicted and placed on half pay after she expressed concerns on social media of sexual abuse by another officer up the ranks!


FREEPORT| Bahamas Press is learning an Woman Police Constable on the Royal Bahamas Police Force has been interdicted on Grand Bahama after she took to social media and expressed her concerns on the FORCE.

Allegations have surfaced where the female was sexually assaulted by a senior officer.

After expressing her concerns, the female was immediately placed on half pay and is awaiting an internal investigation for what is being described as her violation of new rules where officers could be interdicted for posting material on social media. WHERE IS THE DEMOCRACY?! Where are the women dem who believe in equality these days? WHERE IS SANDRA DEAN PATTERSON? OR WHERE IS THE MEDIA to help this female victim who is believed to have suffered abuse?!

How is it that officers who fought with residents on Bimini were only placed on leave until further notice. And another senior officer, after being caught collecting a bribe outside a bar during lockdown, was also only placed on leave but here a female – for revealing her abuse – is now interdicted and placed on half play awaiting trial for some new rule introduced to crush the voices of free speech? WELL WHAT IS DIS?

Listen, officers, we must do better than this! You cannot let anyone sexually assault other officers and be seen sweeping the dirt under the rug. BP is WATCHING! The World is WATCHING!

Someone has to defend the young WPC! Someone high up must protect her rights! And BP is calling on the COP Paul Rolle to deliver justice in this case quickly! WE ARE WATCHING THIS!

We report yinner decide!