Cabinet Minister Brensil Rolle to be stripped from his Gardens Hills seat as PM Minnis readies for a General Election…


First casualty of FNM war as Brensil Rolle to not run again under FNM banner!

Brensil Rolle Minister for Public Service and NIB.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning FNMs are now finding out who will not be lining up in the upcoming General Elections and only your BP has first hand information.

BP is learning that current Minister for The Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle will be stripped from his Garden Hills seat in the upcoming elections.

News of the move comes as PM Minnis has already appointed his election coordinator and chief advisor Dr. Nigel Lewis, who is also Chairing the governing party Election Committee. 

Many forget how Dr. Lewis, who never could get elected to Parliament, was appointed one of the FNM’s Election Coordinators in the 1987 General Election under then Kendal G. L Isaacs, aka “sore throat”, and led the FNM into a crushing defeat at the polls. We believe he shall do it again for a second time around. Ahhh, Well!

Rolle was known for his politically destructive bungling leadership at the National Insurance Board after thousands waited for weeks for assistance during the early months of the pandemic. It was also under his leadership that NIB Unions led days and days of strikes and protests over conditions at the Board, sealing the fate of the FNM at the upcoming polls.

One time before getting reelected to Parliament Rolle was spotted by BP running down the BEC truck as he was unable to pay his light. Even worst on shopping days Rolle, who is a great friend of Papa, was overheard asking if he could get eggs and bread as papa carried the MP for months while in opposition.

Some of Rolle’s supporters began his farewell tour through the constituency this past weekend.

We report yinner decide!