GoodBYE PhIL SMITH A True Veteran Broadcaster




  1. On behalf of the City of Miami Police and the City of Miami Gardens Police Department, our prayers goes out to the family of the late Phil Smith and his second family at ZNS
    “The Peace Of The Lord Be With You All”

    • I am just finding these comments. Thanks so much Mr. Delancy for the words of comfort from The City of Miami and Miami Gardens Police Departments. A page was set up on facebook “In Loving memory of Phil Smith” where comments can be left. My brother left an indelible mark and was truly an inspiration to lots of people. We are still thinking of ways to keep his memory alive. Your assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Sorry that I ended my statment so short. As I was saying after watching those interviews with Mr. Smith on ZNS it appears at times that he was in a lot of pain.God knows best so he chooses the best to take to rest.May his soul and all those departed rest in peace.

  3. It’s so hard to say good by to the ones we care for love and apperiates.After wat say good by ching a few video interviews with ZNS personals it appears as if t’s so hard t

  4. The last time I saw Phil Smith was several weeks ago at Coconut’s Bahama Grill Restaurant. We hailed each other and I did not know that he knew me by name.

    I always enjoyed his work. He will be sorely missed. May his soul rest in peace.

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