Gorman Beckles Bannister Arrested by instructions out of the Cabinet? WHAT IS THIS? Bahamas now a police state!


Democracy and Free Speech murdered by the Minnis Government!

Gorman Bannister

Nassau – We have Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press where Marvin Dames has moved on the arrest of social media commentator and activist Gorman Beckles Bannister.

The Bahamas is now a Police State! Bannister has not been questioned upto this time but we understand the arrest comes following a complaint by one Ossie Poitier.

Now this will not be good for the Minnis Government. PM Hubert Minnis has proven here that he is not prepared to uphold the basic rules which governs Democracy and free speech! So what happening here???? By arresting Bannister we are now saying and confirming that Bahamians are no longer allowed speak anymore Minnis?

And how is it almost 24 hours an ex-policeman, Ossie Poitier, could have warned his social media fans of the arrest of Bannister – before police acted? Who is controlling Poitier? How is it a citizen could promote and preempt the actions of police? WHAT IS THIS?

Anyway, BP is following and all we say is this: THIS MUST BE THE BEGINNING OF THE END!

We report yinner decide!