Government House employee dies of Covid19….


NASSAU| Government House has lost a hardworking employee to Covid19 on Monday.

BP can report Ms Millie Richardson, a domestic worker at the official house of the Governor-General passed away early in the week after battling Covid19.

Ms Richardson who is discribed as a cheerful, committed, friendly and pleasant worker by her colleagues, was one of several workers at Government House who became infected with Covid19 following a community spread which traced back to an officer assigned to the residence.

A few weeks ago the outbreak forced Governor General C. A. Smith and staff to go into quarantine. All staff were tested (privately paid for by the government). Staff were just reported back to work when the sad news came.

Not one word or statement in a lack of transparency by the Government has been issued following the death of the women who serves in the name of the CROWN! WHAT IS THIS?

BP is extending our deep prayers to the family of Ms Richardson on her passing.

May she rest in peace.