Government Workers Boarding the Aga Khan Helicopter at LPIA today

The Aga Khan owner of Bell island in the Exumas


Bahamas Press is breaking news at this hour. We can confirm workers of the Lands and Survey Department are boarding the Aga Khan Helicopter at this hour.

Members of the department we are told are en-route to Staniel Cay to engage government work.

BP is following this story happening right now. The luxury helicopter will be taking off from LPIA any second now. Standby for more updates…..


  1. Another example that shows just simply that everything is for sale in the bahamas.
    Bahamaians are more concerned about who gets a ride down with the helicopter than the damage being down to the enviroment. But look at the murder rate in Nassau, why then can we expect people to care about the enviroment if they don’t even respect human life. Back to school, birth control and get a real education.
    And don’t sell the only asset the bahamas has, it’s NATURAL beauty not the man made junk that they call development.
    Whew, that feels better.

  2. Bp this is true i saw it with my own two eyes. Earl and the PM went for a ride now transporting government workers this is just no respect for the Bahamian people. What gives them the right to ride on this chopper when we have Bahamian charter company’s that can fly them down. When ever the workers for Bell Island have to be transported they don’t get that privilege to ride on the chopper. The workers is transported by a chartered airplane that takes them into Staniel cay then a boat takes them over to Bell Island which takes about 20 minutes. Why didn’t the government workers do the same thing.

  3. BP you’ll don’t play!…this story is true! i know someone who saw this taking place with there own two eyes yesterday at executive flight support!…when they called me and told me what they had just seen i couldn’t believe it!…i asked if they took a pic they said they were in shock and didn’t even think to do that, but that was just so wrong to have the government workers now riding in the helicopter!….woooow! what a conflict of interest!…Bahamains let’s stay viglant and also remember to snap the photo’s!!!

  4. yes bp when will we get more information on the rip off pure theifing at the ministry of education,1.3 million gone and no one gone to jail the ps and the auditors are to be more accountable

  5. This Billionaire all dress up like he is the PM. He sure all decked out like the PM, when Papa walking over to the House of Assembly, from his office to get permission from his FNM yes members, to sell the people land and things to foreigners. People catching living hell, while Papa telling them it ain’t nothing wrong with his government. Papa going find out real soon that he may think he is your Papa, but he ain’t the people Papa.

  6. BP that fancy suit Billionaire Khan got on, man he sure look rich, look like he already done dress like the PM when he heading to the people House of Assembly, to get approval to sell more of the people land to these foreigners. Isn’t this the same 16-seat luxury helicopter the PM has admitted to, that he has flown on? All this luxury stuff when an increasing number of unemployed Bahamians are now catching the jitney, while these FNM and government workers are living it up. The PM ain’t your Papa but he just don’t know it…yet.

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