BREAKING NEWS <<< Health Concerns are raised on the Prime Minister



Bahamas Press is reporting concerns are raised with the health of the Prime Minister at this hour.

We can confirm a medical examination was carried out on the PM day. Bahamas Press can also confirm doctors have been on call to examine the PM. BP is unable to say what those concerns are now being faced by the Prime Minister at this hour….More on this Breaking story to come….


  1. ignorance is a shame.. all I see and read on these comments are a bunch of ignorant people with a lot of time on their hands to respond to crap and ridicule each other about nonsense they read or heard.Put all that time and effort into bettering yourselves and your country.

  2. @ Looking

    Me!! Bitter and angry because of something you said about one of our many “wutless” politicians. That’s the joke of the year home boy. Keep reading posts from me on this site because I’m sure one day you will say “I can’t believe he said that” (about the jokers from both sides).

    Don’t forget to stir your “tingum” to mix it properly before you drink it, okay.

  3. Here we go again! Politics in this country is so seriously sad. I recall, our PM having died on a trip to South Africa! I would prefer to hear this report from a more credible source, when there are no other motives behind the story! Thank you very much!

  4. @ Storm: I wasn’t going to dignify your comments with an answer but, I figure, what the hell. You seem bitter and angry, it isn’t all that serious you know. Drink some water, take a chill pill and breathe!!!!
    Life is too short and precious, have a good one

  5. @ Looking

    Glad to HELP YOU (understand how Christie got into the conversation). MANY OTHERS NEED HELP BUT ARE TO PROUD TO ASK FOR IT (sarcasm).

    I DO NOT SUFFER FROM MYOPIA (like you). The broader issue is whether or not both are healthy enough to assume the responsibilities of Prime Minister, especially under the stressful conditions that now exist (if you LOOK close you will see that the country is no longer running on automatic as it did during those prosperous years – tough decisions account for every turn of the wheel and every pay check from the public treasury). Independents like myself concern ourselves with WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY – WE DO NOT OPERATE OUT OF A “MAN CRUSH” FOR EITHER OF THEM (got it).

    I hope that you are not sick enough (upstairs) to “wish” that Mr. Ingraham deteoriates in health so much and so soon that it becomes an election time advantage for the PLP. If you LOOK at the history of global politics you might find that ill leaders usually draw a large number of sympathy votes from those who see the willingness to continue despite sickness as a sign of “true grit” and interpret it as the deepest demonstration of commitment to people and country.

    Glad to be of help to you and whenever you need more just drop a note.

  6. Here is something to think about- last year 2010 the PM apologized for failing to give public disclosure on his finance and that was swept under the rug, Branville McCartney in charge of Immigration gets side swipe by Brent Symonette to be reporting for Immigration when he was not minister thus the PM and DPM spoke with there being three immigration bosses at one time when there was to be only one assigned, HAI fires two Bahamians from post and hires two others {watch the HAI]setting up a new republic, then HAI goes to South Africa and says while in office he was not there as Prime Minister Of The Bahamas [who the hell was he and where was the Prime Minister Of The Bahamas named HAI, is there two of them], is aggressive in tone towards a male downtown Nassau, fails to show up at BahMar groung breaking ceremony last week and being aware of his biography has allowed corruption in the country to be worst with unsavoury practices at a peak of which he disliked and was fired from the PLP for complaining of the same, making LOP look like a Saint. How could it be that pointing the finger and three decades later the country is more shittier than ever. Guess that is what happen when the delivery boy get lost on a route where he forget that he was serving instead of being served. Doctors give him a reality check, serving the people means integrity, transparency and truth must be an integral part of one’s plan. Sucking boungey for position or favour is just plain nasty.

    • @ Pratty:

      As I said before, since you and I have never been formally introduced, please cease and desist from speaking about me as though you are familiar with my sex life.


      Lady Russell

  7. @STORM: The topic here is: Health concerns are raised on the Prime Minister. How did you get Mr. Christie into the conversation? Obsession is a very serious thing.

    • Wish him the best. Christie also had some major health issues during his reign as PM. Its really time these 2 old boys retire and let new blood rule the FNM and PLP. Out of 300,000 or so people, surely we cant all be as wutless as HI and PC?

  8. He better not look to any Bahamian doctors for help cuz remember now (according to him) we Bahamians are all no good and good fer nuttin – wutless!!!

  9. This is as good an opportunity as ever to raise the question about the health condition of Christie and Ingraham.

    This information (Ingraham’s) should not be held close to the vest. As Prime Minister of this country, just like in every nation in our hemisphere (except Cuba), the citizens should be informed about the state of health of the leader.

    • @ STORM:

      I used to say the same thing regularly when I had the “Drive Time” radio show on ZNS prior to the 2007 elections. However, I would specifically call for the conduct of psychological examinations of our would-be leaders.

      I have been reliably informed that this constant inquiry regarding Mr. Ingraham’s mental health as well as concerns for Arthur Foulkes’ lack of honesty about the birthplace of his parents (Haiti) were the overriding reasons that I was fired on a Saturday night at the FNM’s election victory celebration at Clifford Park.

      But the TRUTH is a powerful force! Killing it is impossible. Bury it and it will resurect itself.
      No matter how clever the lies being told, the TRUTH will always tower over them, dwarfing their power to captivate or deceive. Amen!

        • @ terryj:

          Since you and I have never been formally introduced, please cease and desist from speaking about me as though you are familiar with my mental health!

          I am sufficiently sane to know that the only people who defend liars are themselves very dishonest. So, are you a friend, lover, or member of the “Ingraham” (misnomer) family?

          And if you are a family-member, in which country do you have your family reunions? Will the photographs show the picturesque mountains of Haiti or the earthquake torn ruins of Port au Prince?

  10. I know he has a hear condition. I’m not sure though that his current health complications is associated with this issue. Politically aligned with him or not, I pray for God’s will to be done in his life as it relates to his health and healing.

    • @ Rad Born of Woman:

      Kevin McKenzie diagnosed the PM’s condition as a Bi-polar disorder on another Thread where I posted the following response:

      “I hope that you are correct. There are excellent medications available to control this (Bi-polar) mental disorder. Perhaps a correct diagnosis may result in the Prime Minister being restored to sanity, realizing that the “proposed” sale of BTC will result in his entire administration being terminated, sooner rather than later.

      Alas, we pray for the best posible outcome for the people of The Bahamas, while leaving the final results in God’s hands. Amen!

  11. Father in the name of your son Jesus I come asking that according to your word that by your strips we are healed, also according to your word it is your will that we be whole mind body and soul, so Lord we pray for our Prime Minister we ask that you strengthen him continue to be with him. He is your servant be with Him and heal Him in Jesus name amen! Thank you Jesus!

    • While am no fan of Ingraham,I also know that sickness ain’t prejudice;so for the sake of his wife,children,grand children and that he have an opportunity to make peace with “ALMIGHTY GOD,” because with his mouth he claim he is not a Christian and he ain’t pretending to be none;I am thanking God for granting Mr Ingraham this probationary period to get it right with HIM. BUT,!!! BUT for the pain Ingraham inflicted on the Bahamian people judgment stands at his door. I pray Gods mercy for you and your family,and that you Ingraham,would turn to seek Gods face.

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