At this present moment the owners and operators of the Disney Magic are playing a risky game to maintain it’s quota. Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that the Magic is operating its cruise liner with alleged major engine defects.

Data handling operatives in the company’s I T department have been passed communication that confirms that in fact one of the Magic’s main engines are down and it would cost the Disney company too much time and money to wait for the needed part to arrive from Europe; therefore the decision has been made to risk the lives of thousands of Americans and other nationalities in order to stay within their earnings projections.

Bahamas Press begs to ask, where in the hell are the maritime law enforcement authorities and what will happen should the remaining engine fail out to sea in adverse weather?

We are following the story and will keep you posted.


  1. i een ga lie, i like BP….WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE!

    dey ga soon cause we bahamians to have a coronary…cus we so like gossip, and when they bring breakin news, erry body duz get upset….so here is the deal
    this **** is cool BP,,,,,i love y’all

  2. you people at bp like to call everything “breaking news”. what is so earth shattering about this news. amateur journalists.

  3. Ships of this size normally has about four to six engines so it is unlikley the others would fail easy.The only thing is the ship speed would be slower bearing in mind it has reduced capacity.Ships are not like planes when engine fails they just drop out of the sky. With ships engine failure you can drift,drop anchor and abandon ship safetly so passengers are at no risk.

  4. Lots of ships are designed with one engine for operations. I doubt if the Disney vessel is breaking any regulations by having one of her two main engines out of commission

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