Ingraham say he didn’t say what the Tribune wrote…But who reading DEM and listening to HIM?


Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas – A front page story in today’s Tribune misconstrued comments made by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham in the House of Assembly yesterday.  The Prime Minister did not say nor did he infer that the Baha Mar Project was halted because of the PLP stance on Taiwan during the 1990s.

What the Prime Minister did say in relation to Baha Mar was that the project was able to proceed now because the Chinese Government approved the Chinese Export Import Bank granting the necessary funding.

The Prime Minister recalled that it was the FNM that established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China severing ties with Taiwan.  Said the Prime Minister “The only reason we have relations with the People’s Republic of China is because the FNM did that and the Chinese regard us as an old friend and they are supporting us in the Baha Mar project.”

The Prime Minister said “Baha Mar is going ahead because the Chinese government is providing the money.”  He went on to say that “there was no possibility of Baha Mar being able to get a loan from the Chinese unless The Bahamas government said “yes, please do it.”

The China Export Import Bank is providing funding for the $2.6 billion Baha Mar project. The loan required the approval of the Chinese and Bahamian Governments.

The transcript of Prime Minister Ingraham’s comments is as follows:

THE PRIME MINISTER: They say we should thank them for Baha Mar, well I just want to say a couple words about that. Baha Mar is going ahead because the Chinese Government is providing the money. They never wanted any business dealing with the Chinese Government – they recognised Taiwan. In fact, that’s how the Leader of the Opposition got back in the PLP. The PLP made a deal with the Taiwanese Government to recognise them and not the People’s Republic of China. Ervin Knowles, who was the Minister, got fired, Christie got hired and Ervin Knowles was appointed Ambassador to Taiwan. The only reason we are with the People’s Republic of China today is because the FNM did that, and the Chinese regard us as an old friend, and they are supporting us in the Baha Mar project. And there was no possibility of Baha Mar being able to get a loan from the Chinese, unless the Bahamas Government said “yes, please do it.”

PLP Abandons Bahamians AGAIN from FNM Restoring Your Trust on Vimeo.


  1. You guys are all ludicrous, bickering worst than kids on a playground….but carry on, as it is keeping me entertained on a boring day at work!!!

  2. @ Truth

    You FNM Operatives have no shame.

    Now you are “tickling” the “religious tendencies” of Bahamians, all in your effort to deflect attention from brutal criticism about failed government policies and foolish political decisions made by the FNM.

    Pray about what?

    Let me help you.
    Prayer can be broadly dividen into two (2) purposes catergories.

    Prayer is sometimes a means in and of itself. This is when only the miraculous hand of God can produce the final answer.

    Prayer is also a means by which instructions, information and opportunity comes (through prayer) from God. Man must then embrace these components and work them until the desired outcome is achieved. So, prayer is not the final answer, it only connects one with what is needed to reach that final destination.

    Our political circumstances DOES NOT REQUIRE PRAYER. WE KNOW WHAT IS NEEDED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Just call the election!

    Glad to be of help, Truth, any time, any time, just drop a note.


  3. @ Delores Cambridge


    Well, Delores, dear, since the questions are “easy” it should be “easy” for you to provide answers. Please stop the nonsensical effort at the “make-believe” because we both know that you had no other motive than to stop me “cold” after I criticized YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, Hubert Alexander Ingraham. Put me to silence by posting FACTUAL INFORMATION THAT CAUSES ALL AND SUNDRY TO WRITE IN AGREEMENT THAT ADEQUATE ANSWERS WERE PROVIDED. Stop stalling.

    I contend that the UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HAS INCREASED AND CONTINUES TO DO SO. The National Insurance Board (NIB) data bank could prove as a reasonably reliable barometer to tell which direction the unemployment rate is moving. New contributors (first job) and resumed contributors (those who were unemployed for some period of time) show up in the NIB data bank. Delores, DO YOU KNOW WHY NO ONE FROM THE FNM IS POINTING TO THAT DATA BANK AS A TIMELY, RELIABLE SOURCE TO REFUTE CLAIMS OF RISING UNEMPLOYMENT? I know! It is “because unemployment is rising.” Delores, the party line doesn’t square with the fact and unlike you the majority of us (Bahamians) are not “smitten” by Hubert Alexander Ingraham. We see him doing the things that he once condemned.

    That buddy of yours called Pratt is ramblings on like a mad man. Now your answers please, Delores.

  4. @Delores

    Please do not engage any of those who seek to DEFAME, DEGRADE and BELITTLE a LEADER! As scripture says “The wisdom of a fool is caught up in his mouth”- I am NOT calling anyone a fool but pointing out “skullduggery and african tribilistic negative behavior”. It CAN NOT BE RIGHT for people to stoop to the level of discourse as I encounter here.

    @RUssell-You do not deserve the title “LADY” with such behavior

    Please take time and get some work done and make some “money” rather than wasting time running your mouth and not setting a good example. This page will be printed and shared with the nation as you and others have brought the dialog to a level that is so despicable it is shameful!

    I CRY SHAME ON ALL Who attempt to BELITTLE, DEGRADE, INSULT any LEADER-FNM or PLP it cant be right! Let us maintain civility, order and respect!


    • @TRUTH:

      You are one big BLUFFER! Just like your leader! So I know that sharing our dialogue with the nation is an empty threat of which you are most afraid, since you seem most interested in keeping me quiet or changing the content, tone and tenor of my submissions on this site!

      What is it with you, SHAME? Are you a friend, lover or faamily-member collecting one of those unexplained hefty salary packages? Franky, I respect your right to post whatever you wish, even if your TRUTH insults my personal dignity.

      Your unveiled reference to my nickname “Lady”, suggests that your mother was no lady either, or you would have been better trained, however, as I’m sure that you will quickly refute my charge, you may carry on smartly!

  5. @ Delores Cambridge

    Mine is not being achieved. HOW ABOUT ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS instead of complimenting me for putting them to you. Or is it that you can’t.

    Furthermore, you had no intention of “elevating” anything. It is just a feeble smoke screen of an excuse to allow you to get away from facing tough questions like the ones presented (the ploy failed … again).

    Tell your buddy, Pratty, I have his share hot off the stove too. Like the Verizon commercial says: “Can you hear me now?”

    • @storm…. Your questions are not tough and they are no big secret and we both know the answers along with many people. I do not have to match you word for word to prove anything. My initial premises was simply for you to quit the low level of communication in trying to state your case. So, I can now say you are beginning to get there….and remember to always be FAIR and BALANCED @ Fox News/OK.

  6. @ Delores Cambridge

    Elevate THE DEBATE!! What debate?

    There are questions to answered by the FNM government, but you PRETENDERS WANT intelligent people to become dismissive of REALITY because it doesn’t reflect well on YOUR CONSISTENT CHOICE OF A PARTY TO GOVERN THE COUNTRY.

    The evasive talk about “debate” never arise until you find yourselves in a “headlock” of a position, unable to answer some pertinent question, with an eager questioner on the other end. It’s called changing the subject on the streets …. everywhere.

    How much is the unemployment rate in the Bahamas, Delores? How much is it in Grand Bahama? How does any sensible and reasonably government expect businesses to execute strategies without the benefit of such critical statistical considerations in their equation? Why doesn’t the government ALLOW THE STATS. TO BE RELEASED? Is it because the figures are higher year-over-year? Is that trajectory (unemployment) still upward, Delores? If yes, has the rate of unemployment accelerated or not over the past 90 days? Wait a minute …. sorry Delores, do you understand what I am talking about and why these questions MUST BE ANSWERED? Or, are you just another tee shirt wearing, red hat adorning, idiot who doesn’t see the connection between the unemployment rate and any thing else in this country? If Ingraham told you King Kong is really alive and in the bushes in Andros, all 60 feets of kong, you’d beleive that no questions asked … right. Elevate the debate, Delores. Tell us the answers to these questions.

    Since your FNM government is ashamed to release the unemployment statistics, some businesses are sharing information towards getting a better “feel” on things. Out of such discussions amongst bankers comes the shocking news that about 60% (sixty percent) of the house mortgages in this country are in a state of serious arrears (qualify for immediate foreclosure actions). What policy modification to the foreclosure procedures is your FNM government contemplating, Delores? Or, is “market forces” going to settle that matter too. Elevate the debate and tell the people. You clowns need new make-up.

    • There we go….. Now the questions are on the table..discuss the answers and possible solutions logically and sensibly without calling names…. my objective is being achieved.

      • @ Deloris….with Storm and Phillipa you are in a debate with paranoid people,you can’t win. These guys are on the brink of jumping off a cliff.They are just a step from tasking the plunge

  7. @Ricky

    Is this the clown who worships Hubert alexander Ingraham intead of Jehovah?

    We (Bahamas) are a POLITICALLY INVERTED SOCIETY, really strange people who exhibit even more strange behavior. President Obama is catching hell (the criticism is going out to him from HIS SUPPORTERS)because DEMOCRATS are turning away from him, en masse, because their interest is not sufficiently served under his presidency, yet here comes Ricky, Delores and the crew to form a human shield on this site around the reputation of Hubert Ingraham so that brutal and well deserved criticism can’t get to him. You are pathetic. And one of you clowns is audacious enough to raise questions about decency and morality while using the name Hubert Ingraham in the same sentence. Get real! Perhaps you should read yesterday’s news paper (specifically the story of Cheryl Grant-Bethel). This man (HI) was the designated “political hit man” in the PLP and many political careers ended because of his peculiar skill in that role. He use to be a PLP henchman!! Hello! He has a long and “stained” political past. Remember Allen, Dupuch, Wells, etc. For God’s sake remember Carl Bethel, Johnilee Ferguson and Ivoine Ingraham, LAST YEAR.

    On the other side of the fence, do you remember when Paul Moss who was threatened with a fate worst than death for running against Cool PC (Perry Christie)? Do you remember how Kenyetta Gibson had to contend with party operatives and potential candidates campaigning in his constituency where he is the sitting MP? The same thing went on in Elizabeth Estates, forcing the sitting MP to angrily resign and criticise the PLP on his way out of parliament.

    Do you get it yet!!! Many of them are just the other side of the same coin. One would think Phillipa blasphemed by the way you jokers attacked her. Get over your man crush! I don’t care if they call him Ingraham or IngRUM, I concern myself with the stupid policies and insane decisions that impact my life. You idiots can go right on being human shields. All I have to say to that is …IN-COMING!.

      • …..and you will be standing right there looking for something…. We are all in this together…let us all strive for excellence through right attitude, work ethics, and commitment. Are you equipped with any of those traits? From what I have seen and heard so far…you are in need of a refresher course. ELEVATE the DEBATE!

        • @ Delores:
          Wow, Delores what are you teaching our children?

          Anyway, as I am a matured adult Bahamian female who has always enjoyed honest dialogue, I will therefore address your accusatory comments in response to my opening post on this Thread regarding The judgement of God.
          THE STATE
          “Arise, O God, judge the earth! For it is Thou who dost possess all the nations. (Psalm 82:8)
          God will judge the nations! God has established the state and mandated that it restrain infustice, promote justice, and preserve order.
          THE CHURCH
          God did not give the Church an imbalanced and limited gospel, neither a Social Gospel nor a gospel solely interested in evangelism. God gave the Church a gospel that is to leaven every aspet of life–private and public, individual and community.
          As Carl Henry in his book “Biblical Principles & Public Policy” stated:
          “The Church is to proclaim to the world the criteria or standards by which Christ, at His end-time return in power and glory, will finally judge all humanity and the nations and by which He is anticipatively judging them even now.”
          It is further argued that evangelical orthodoxy must vigorously pursue socil justice as a universal due that transcends any partisan or self-serving agendas.
          Until the world knows that the Church and its members are willing to have their own ox gored for the sake of justice, the world will continue to think ill of any pronouncements that seem to serve the status quo or personal interests.
          Where do you fit in this equation, Delores?
          Elevate the Debate with some honesty, please!

          • @Phillippa….. I get you… and I don’t question the Biblical citations… but remember that people make the nation and that included you and me and everyone else.And, you as a member of the CHURCH must do your part in such a way that you do not become a stumbling block. I have already noted the change in your tone… Keep it up!…And don’t worry where I fit in.. I am not consumed by politics as some of the posters appear to be. My 5cents.

  8. @ Lady Russell and STORM your hate of Mr Hubert A. Ingraham is so clear but so dirty you guys every day are trying to hard, but GOD WILL JUDGE YOU TOO! Mr Hubert A. Ingraham is the best and the people will speak in 2012.

    • @ Phillipa
      good night hope your sleep be as pleasant as mines.

      And in the naked light I saw
      Ten thousand people, maybe more
      People talking without speaking
      People hearing without listening
      People writing songs that voices
      Never share and no one dared
      Disturb the sound of silence

      “Fools”, said I, “You do not know
      Silence like a cancer grows
      Hear my words that I might teach you
      Take my arms that I might reach you”
      But my words, like silent raindrops fell
      And echoed in the wells of silence

      • Thanks so much for that great blast from my childhood musical repetoire. Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” was awesome, but my favourite tune by them was “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

        Hope you bring your best attitude and manners when you come out to play on Sunday, ’cause I can talk nice….really! But it will be the TRUTH!

        So, if you are a stranger to TRUTH or an enemy of its bone/marrow dividing aspects, then please continue to post right on past my comments!

        God bless!

  9. @ pratty

    You are trying too hard, Pratty!!!

    The level of scrutiny and level-headed analysis that people put YOUR POLITICAL MASTER through is getting to you, but rather than defend him by making nonsense of their points, you attempt (and it is always a futile effort) to “tag” whomever criticizes Hubert A. Ingraham with some derogatory remark of a name.

    This strategy is past its useful life (if you haven’t noticed) and I’m saying this not because you are annoying, but because you are so predictable that you have become amusing. Spend some time alone in deep thoughts working on a new approach and WHENEVER you return next to defend “your boy” knock one out the park.

      • @lADY&CO….. Why do I have to be Deloris Ingraham to speak truth you your perceived power? I realize what your truth is and where it comes from.. and yes it has a lot to do with stepping right up to a new frontier, and the spoilt mentality of “don’t tell me what to do or what to stop.” Do you recognize that spoilt mentality, Lady Russell? So typical… and I bet you think you are so smart.. Guess what, education suppose to change a society.. and here it is, a well educated woman like you, cannot communicate without degrading. Your blatant disrespect speaks VOLUMES about you…and the sad thing about the whole matter Lady Russell, you don’t even recognize! There, I just spoke TRUTH to your power with out saying anything disrespectful or disparaging. Elevate the Debate LADY Russell!


          You are right about me trying to hard. There is nothing wrong about trying hard to be decent. Something you both should work on.For all it is worth as much as I disagree with Mr Christie’s way of doing things you will never hear me say anything deplorable about him.The thing about you guys is you attack anyone that is not on the same wavelenght as you.No wonder you have trouble sleeping at nights.

          • Ah, my dear Pratty:

            I have absolutely no trouble sleeping at nights. And as for Perry Gladstone Christie, he enjoys no “Sacred Cow” status with me either. Just ask him when you next see him.

            The biggest problem our politicians have is the worshipping masses who court their favours in hopes of gaining an opportunity to improve their peersonal lots in this tiny fishbowl of an economy.

            Frankly, I had recently toned down any scathing commentary of your leader, Hubert A. Ingraham, while we waited for him to conclude the Bahamar deal. Since severe criticism causes Ingraham to drink large amounts of alcohol and we needed him to maintain a sobriety at all times during the meetings with the savvy Chineese investors.

            However, you are free to praise his undeserving performance anytime you so choose Pratty, as The Bahamas is a democracy!

  10. Now you’ve heard it straight from the mouth of The Prime Minister Of The Bahamas. Only the Chinese government would invest in Baha Mar. It sure doesn’t speak well for his government, nor the trust the International Lenders have in Bah Mar. Either it’s the PM’s hired gun, fired cabinet minister Carl Bethel, or their propaganda agency (BIS), that is accusing the media of getting it all wrong, or some cabinet minister with an axe to grind, but now, none other than the PM himself has joined the circus on correcting the media. Either the government is lying, or the media is ganging up to spread lies about this failed FNM government? The PM sure as hell seems to be spending a lot of time justifying the closeness of foreigners to his government, particularly the Communist Chinese government, who also hate it when their people protest. So much so that they either imprison them, they disappear, or outright murder them. Is this government so hard up for a loan, that it has no shame in turning to a government, with a known criminal reputation?

  11. @Mr. Carroll: If mr.Ingraham, doesn’t have anything else going for him he can surely depend on those loyal few to jump in hell’s fire to defend him. Keep posting, Mr. Carroll and watch them pop out of the woodwork. I had to look twice at the name, I thought it was the wife defending her man. lol

    • @Looking and Co….. You still don’t get it. It is not about defending anyone.It is about the level of your debate. Speak to the issue with the facts only and not your opinions or emotional tirades. That is called fighting unfairly. I try to teach it to students everyday. Again to all and Co. Elevate the Debate.

  12. Ingraham assumes that all of us have bad memories. He never wanted the project to go through. He was the culprit who stopped and held it up for four years and when he couldn’t do any better because nothing else was happening then he half heartedly brought it forward. Remember how he insulted the principals of Baha Mar and embarrassed them? Then he didn’t show up at the ground breaking; I am personally sick of this house nigger.

    • @FJC… and if Ingraham is a house nigger, what pray tell me are you? You are to rethink your slavery mentality! .. and this comment has nothing to do with politics.

      • @ Delores Cambridge:

        I can not understand why calling Mr Hubert Alexander Ingraham what his behaviour dictates, would so offend you! The combination of his genetics, environment and negative experiences as a black, ugly, speech impaired, night-school graduate from the part of Abaco where everyone knew that White people were superior resulted in his unfortunate personality!

        You, dear lady, obviously have a problem with TRUTH! But stick around and you will encourage me to tell you all I know about the HOUSE NIGGER, Hubert Alexander Ingraham!

        • @ Lady Russell: It is obvious that you have ISSUES. Stop making your life’s mission that of degrading people with whom you differ with words. Suppose the world judged you everyday based on your life’s experiences, your genetics, or your level of education? …. and what TRUTH do I have a problem with? YOURS?

          • @ Delores:


            Please don’t ever tell me what to do or what to stop, Ms Cambridge!

            Your reasons for the defense of the present state of blatant lies, disrespect and attempted deceptions presently being perpetrated against the Bahamian people by this Ingraham administration, are your own. But when you post nonsense on this site, then expect to have it analyzed and exposed for the self-seving drivel that is!

          • @ Deloris

            It is obvious that the majority of people that post on this site has no respect for themselves. If they did they would never make the remarks they do about our leaders. Whether we like the man or not we should respect the position he holds.
            When this site came out even though it needed to clean up its spelling and english at least it had some resemblance of decency.Now it has sunk to a level that borders gutter.
            The so called smart people on this site has axe to grind and this ia venue to do so. Unfortunately for them they are up all hours of night thinking about what mean things they are going to say about some one.So sad.

  13. To suggest that Baha Mar only got the loan because of the FNM is naively obsurd, to say the least. You will learn, *******That the Chinese have no friends, only pawns to be used in their little games. They know that jackasses like Hubert Ingraham will do anything to get their money and so they are using it like carrots to hoodwink nations. Ingraham don’t you know that the Chinese was Baha Mar’s last resort after you ran Harrahs out of town and no other Investor would invest here as long as you, mullet head, remains in power?

    • And if truth be fully was BahaMar that seek the CHinese assistance. Ingraham was never interested in seeking the success of this project, his hand (the Governement) came in after the alliance was already form. I was embarrassed to see his bahavior in the house when he taught that this project would fail, there was no diplomacy in his bahavior at all!!!

      • @ IKB:

        So glad that someone else is keeping score. After the exposure of the US displeasure with the Chineese investment and Sol Kerzner’s disapproval were exposed, we had no graceful speech left but to tell Hubert Ingraham to hurry up and approve the Bar Mar deal or be kicked into the sea! Pure shame and exposure resulted in the sick sucker’s completion of a deal initiated by the Christie administration.

        But all that is no problem to my way of thought. It simply means that my pointy, steel-toed boots need to remain close to the door, just in case ….

  14. All of this nonsence need to stop! Are they not all (Governoring party) working and making decisions on behalf of the Bahamas and Bahamian people. This is the people business, not their personal affairs! Credits are owed to NONE!!!They are all being paid to do a job, no one is working for charity!!!So They all can keep their ego trips and need for recognition to themselve! It’s immature and unprofessional. The Bahamian people are fed up with these political aparties playing foot ball with the affairs of the this country!!! Foolishness!!!

  15. FNM propaganda again! Truly it’s the FNM who abandons the Bahamian people every opportunity they get;less they have forgotten,they’re considered among the people the FOREIGN NATIONAL MOVEMENT.I honestly believe GOD in His infinite wisdom could not sit there and listen to that ban of lairs;Ingarham,Symonette,MONA-VIE,buffoon face Bethel,Tommy can’t do nothing T, the lousy Labor Minister,ah shit the FNM party.They just need to restore truth to their tongue individually and collectively.

    • @Phillippa…. and God will judge you too. God’s judgment has nothing to do with our politics, but on our individual accountability to HIM. Get it right Lady R. and remember now…Elevate the Debate!

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