Maxo Tido case to be heard before the Privy Council in London on Monday

The Privy Council complex Middlesex Guildhal in London.

UK, London — Bahamas Press is in London tonight gathering information into a case now before the Privy Council.

BP is at this hour standing outside the Privy Council complex in the UK where members of the high court will sit and hear the matter in the Maxo Tido case.

Tido you should remember was convicted of the brutal murder of the 16-year-old girl, Donnell Conover, on 1 May 2002. Her partially-burnt body was later discovered near a quarry on Cowpen Road on the afternoon.

His case will be heard before the Privy Council on this coming Monday, March 7th, 2011. We will be in attendance and will let you know how the proceedings went –

The issues being put before the Privy Council are these:

(i) Whether the appellant’s [TIDO] conviction for murder is unsafe because the judge permitted a dock identification of the appellant and gave inadequate directions to the jury on identification.

(ii) Whether the murder was sufficiently exceptional as to call for the death penalty; whether the sentence was flawed by the failure to the judge to obtain a psychiatric report.

The prosecution case depended inter alia on the identification of the appellant in the dock by a witness as the man she saw on the night of the murder telephoning someone and driving a vehicle like that in which the deceased’s blood was later found. The appellant was sentenced to death after a hearing in which the judge decided that a psychiatric report was not required.

In 2006, the Privy Council ruled that the mandatory death sentence was unconstitutional and left the door open for trial judges to determine what sentence to hand down to murder convicts. This decision threw the wheels of justice in the Bahamas into a tailspin as persons who were already sentenced to death, had to be brought before the courts for re-sentencing.

Our BP legal teams are sitting in with baited-breathe to read into the ruling in this case, because we in the Bahamas know first hand of the problem[s] we face with these violent murders walking around on Bay Street – as Tommy Turnquest suggests –; given bail to further terrorize our society and kill off the witnesses.

Bahamas Press hopes the High Court will give clarity to its judgment in this case of Tido and allow us here in the Bahamas to conclude our future decision with that body.

We shall see.


  1. After fumbling and and making obvious grave mistakes, the police along which the judicial system sometimes force criminal convictions. The police often violate the rights of individuals when apprehended by taking advantage of the individuals lack of knowledge of procedures. The Judicial system ignored the fact that the accused was not identified by witnesses prior to his arraignment and done so during the trial which could have been instigated by the prosecutors, the police and even the general public by the accused being in the public’s presence by being identified by the media who was informed by the police during the arraignment that is person is charged for a crime is contrary to the constitution. Not because a person is charged and accused of a crime means that they are intact guilty of the crime. The system is not broken…the person’s who operate the system sometimes doesn’t understand its priority. Even the Prime Minister admitted that the police don’t do effective investigation. Also when giving a death or life sentence there must be no doubt that the accused person is absolutely guilty of such a crime with supporting evidence…….It is a dangerous crime to punish someone for crime they did not commit.

  2. Burning a human being implies covering up evidence. Why would the young man not be so concerned about his car having blood. Sure slaughtering a young beautiful female appeases the god he serves or is it a ritual offering by the barbarian/s who know exactly what happened and yet look forward to the next opportunity to blame another innocent person. Valuing life and freedom are not so high on the agenda of those who seek to please themselves at the cost of instilling fear in others who cannot see this sacrifice in the arena of power as being another mystery to those who don’t read, listen and pay attention to occultism globally. MAXO TIDO whatever your fate, it would happen again as those who offered her would require another victim. Then what. Under the microcrime scope there are few who speak the truth, want to hear it or stand for it when all odds are against them.

  3. I happen to know Mr. Tito personally, and I can assure you all that he NEVER committed the crime he has been charged with.

    He never gave a statement regarding this high profile case. He was rail road from the very beginning and because the public demanded justice for the untimely death of the beautiful young girl he became a victim.

    Maxo might indeed have his short comings, but he is not a murderer. I am challenging the police to do a more detailed investigation to bring this girl’s true killer to justice and behind bars for the rest of his life.

    Maxo Tito is innocent… Trust me on this one. He and I have spoken several times since he was charged and convicted and I remain convinced that he told me the truth.

    He would make the perfect material witness if the police arrests the right person. Our system is so flawed.. There are many innocent persons in Fox Hill Prison to this day. FREEDOM FOR MAXO TITO will surely come…

  4. BP will no be no where, please note the docket and the date that this was set. BP, stop your madness and tell the truth for once in your miserable life.

    • IF YOU COULD READ “SERIOUS THING” IF – and that’s a strong “IF” you would find the details to the hearing of the matter as scheduled by the court. Scroll down we advise everyone and read for yourselves.

      The Ignorant always gat all the say.



    • The answer to that is simple while we support the point that the process was flawed and that Allen indeed should have NOT been appointed to the post, we also agree that Bethel is not a suitable candidate for the DPP post. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! And it has nothing to do with the PM’s comments.

      We did however post the victory by Bethel on facebook…


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