Governor General Attends North Andros Senior Citizens Luncheon


The DAME lands in Andros!

Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General, addressed the luncheon guests.

NICHOLL’S TOWN, Andros – Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling attended the North Andros Community Developers Association 4th Annual District Thanksgiving Senior Citizens Luncheon at the North Andros High School Cafeteria, Nicholls Town, Andros on Saturday.

At the luncheon, Dame Marguerite addressed the luncheon guests and presented awards. Students from Lowe Sound Primary stopped in to greet her.

Dame Marguerite addressed the audience with words of praise and encouragement.

She began: “It is a delight for me to be back in Andros, the beautiful land of my birth, and the island of great promise for the future of our archipelago. I am happy to see so many familiar faces whom I have known for so many years, and to spend this time with you as we celebrate this special occasion of Thanksgiving.

“I congratulate the organizers of this event and all who have come to share in this important act of Thanksgiving to God for all the gifts which he so bountifully bestows an all of us, especially here in Andros, and through which we are daily sustained for service to others.”

The Dame has landed...

Dame Marguerite noted: “When we give of ourselves we can truly build a community in which love for one another is the norm. Today also provides us with an opportunity to be thankful that we live in a peaceful and democratic country where all of us are free to practice our faith, and to be a full part of the various projects and programs which are designed to ensure the best development of our resources for the benefit of all our people.

“Many of us gathered here today are blessed with long life and have had the opportunity to witness many changes in our communities due to growth and development. I therefore pay tribute to you who, I know, have played significant roles in supporting and guiding this community over the years. Your strength, your time, talents and wisdom have seen this community through many trials and difficulties, and your dedication and perseverance are fine examples of what it means to be good citizens; and without you, the community of North Andros would be poorer, and so would our entire nation. I applaud you for your faithfulness.

“Moving forward, all of us have the solemn responsibility to guide and influence the next generation of Androsians with the qualities of obedience, honesty, discipline, and respect. With these virtues, our communities will grow properly, and your meaningful impact will be a positive example all across our beloved and beautiful country.

“As I reflect on the good work being undertaken here, I commend you for your commitment and I encourage all to lend themselves selflessly in service to our community and our country. All of us have this wonderful opportunity to be part of positive action and so I call upon all to continue to give your time, energy, and most importantly, your wise counsel as this community of North Andros continues to grow from strength to strength.”

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