Freeport Landlords Catching HELL Under Ingraham!



Grand Bahama Island – Hundreds of landlords and property owners turned out to a town meeting held at the Foster B. Pestaina Centre on Monday, September 29th to pre-register and hear how they could become eligible to provide housing for Ross medical school students who will begin school in January 2009 at the Seahorse Plaza interim campus in Freeport.

Bahamas Press asks you to take a closer look at these pictures. They appreared in the WUTLESS TRIBUNE as passport sized photos, and we wondered why until we read the article. Here are Landlords attending an event to register VACANT APARTMENTS for the school’s consideration.  WOW, IS THIS FNM COUNTRY FEELING IT THAT BAD? Where did the people in those empty apartments go?


  1. ZNS is reporting the third shooting at the famous pepper pot restaurant on Freeport Grand Bahama.

    What is sad, it appears as if a gang war is now on the island and the Pepper Pot restaurant is the kitchen for these gun totters.

    Grand Bahama is now modern Dodge City, where Pepper Pot’s new slogan must be “Chicken to die for!”

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  2. BP PLEASE write something good about Hubert Ingraham so that Morehands can say what a good post it is.

    You giving this brother high blood pressure.

  3. Constuctive criticsm is a good and proper thing. Negativity, however, serves no purpose. It causes a black cloud to hover over one’s head and that obstructs objectivity. It also has the ability, if one allows it, to bring down other persons person who are usually positive. This country needs to dwell on some positives at the moment so as to keep hope alive in our hearts.
    There was no suggestion on my part that
    Media was right or wrong in his assessment of the situation of landlords. I pass no judgement on the worth or lack thereof the Tribune.
    A blog is only as good as its contributors. If we all choose to accept the moderator’s point of view there would be no reason to contribute. A different point of view often stimulates other contributors to re-think their point of view and perhaps modify it.Or make them stronger in their convictions.
    As to the photographs Media presents,while on the surface shocking,I believe until he does an in depth study of the situation, it would be better to just present a case without editorializing it as his headlines did.

  4. Anybody coming on this site and do not like the way BP runs his show, perhaps you should consider starting your own website and putting the topics that you like and your own point of view or if you are comfortable paying 75 cents with those other wutless media for a paper without any information, feel free to do that. BP can not control nobody thinking, they only can present the topics the way they see it, that is what you call professional journalism and freedom of the press. It is up to the individual who is reading the piece to make a finally decision, if they want to see it in a negative or positive light. When I really want to know the truth about what is happening in my country without all the sugar coating, I come to BP. I appreciate all the deep research they do and the non-bias reporting.

  5. So when does it become the government fault that people build apartments without knowing who is going to live in them? Has the writer ever consider that there is an apartment surplus in Freeport? Or Nassau for that fact. Everyone wants to build apartments because they think it is easy money. They no longer qualify for real property tax exemption for first time home buyers of residential home, they receive a higher business mortgage rate because its an apartment business and not a residential home. Get a larger mortgage because they are constructing a larger building than if it was just a single family residence. So in turn have to charge high rental fees and deposits that common folks cannot afford. Their other 50 neighbors did the same things and in the end, it becomes the government fault that the apartments are vacant.

    Why spoil such a positive productive story by turning into the typical hate propaganda.

    Such a waste. Such a waste.

  6. The so called “WUTLESS MEDIA” is controlled by by none other than the people who control Mr. Ingraham, at least 90% is owned and operated by them. You know this, its how they intend to stay in power….Whats being feed to you via the “Wutless Media” is all apart of a grand conspiracy to do away with the middle class, this may sound far out there BP. but its true. By censoring whats being read in the news paper favours the government, whats favours the government helps them (fnm) get reelected and being put back in office only gives the special interest(bay st. boys) more time to take back this country….Bp they so mad that this country was taken from them and they intend to do anything to get it back. This thing go deep.

  7. Well Rupert, at least we are not talking about saving the turtles like so many WUTLESS news organizations in this country!

    They would rather save the turtles and allow people to eat one another!


  8. Mr. Ingraham is directly responsible for whats happening in this country and he should be fired…..Prior to the election all you herd was noise about what the plp was doing or what they wasn’t doing, now everybody is silent, could it be that all the noise makers are in power? i think so…….Media u seem to be on the right track however i still feel that more could be said about this crises that we face.

  9. Well listen Job BLOW, this is NOT the WUTLESS TRIBUNE!

    When you want read news what DEFLECT, SPIN LIES and half truths, PAY .75 for your Toilet TISSUE (THE TRIBUNE) and read that crap.

    When you want to read TRUTH, come on Bahamas Press, it is simple as that!

    Look how many persons trying to get their place rented in that picture in GRand Bahamas, a photo that was soo small in the Tribune, I sis not know if it was a ink droplet, and we ask WHY? They are DEFLECTORS OF THE TRUTH THAT’S WHY?

    Bahamas Press

  10. Media: Wouldn’t it be more of a positive to headline “Freeport Landlords Register to Provide Housing for Ross Medical Students”
    A medical school can provide quite an economical boost for an area. Think of the spin-offs(building of a teaching hospital, research facilities, fast food outlets, medical library,bowling alley,etc.) Instead of implying that the economic hardships are all the fault of our present Prime Minister, lets give him kudos for bringing this development to fruition. I lived for a brief time in a small town when a medical school and teaching hospital were introduced and know first hand how beneficial it has been to that city.
    I do take your point though about the numbers of landlords that were there. Remember that not all have empty apartments but they are looking to the future which is a positive. Also in economic hard time young people and their newly establish families go back home to live with Mom and Dad until times are better.
    Now is the time to think positively, report the good stuff while still pointing out what things must be changed.

  11. Bahamas Press got an ad today from a company. The ad specified “CHRISTMAS GIVE-A-Ways”. Yes Christmas in October before Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Discovery Day holiday.

    Merchant, this year should order less stock and not brace themselves for a profits this year!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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