Dion Knowles Out Again!



Now here is a man – DION ‘Emperor’ KNOWLES – who was on the run from police, accused of murder, for one year! A man who was accused for murder before and served time for drugs. Yesterday Knowles was let out on bail again to reap havoc on the public by Justice Elliot Lockhart. Some who practise JUSTICE in The Bahamas must be BLIND, DEAF, STUPID and DUMB! No wonder so much vigilante justice is occurring – PEOPLE KILLING PEOPLE ON BAIL! And our question in all this is, was the murder accused Knowles assisted by Brent Symonette this time? For some, the LAW OF THE LAND HAS NO GRIP, whether it is the son of Carl Bethel committing rape at Queen’s College or someone murdering people in cold blood on the streets of the capital.


  1. I cant tell you how proud I am of General Crazy and what I love is the fact that our opinion differed and there was no name calling or bashing. General Crazy is more sane than we give him credit for.

  2. Drama I think generalcrazy is hanging out with Sir Ali too much. I see what you mean, he look like he was doing some deep research. He asked some very crucial questions about Civil Liberties, I was even more shocked when he brought North Korea into the picture. I must say the general studies look like it is really paying off. Now the sky is the limited for him!!

  3. Yeah man, I can keep a secret. I know General Crazy rough. Kim you need to see how LEARNED General Crazy is. Go to the post that says “PLP Rallying Tonight” and read how General Crazy put me in my place. He been studying too much now.

  4. generalcrazy you are the original right? I know what you mean though, people always trying to copy something if they think it is something good (lol). Drama safe, we could let him in on the secret site (lol).

  5. @ Kim.
    careful as there are generalcrazy impersonators out there, not all results are yours truly. 😀

  6. Man Drama I was shock to see how much things came up when I google generalcrazy he have couple pages of stuff. His point of view on some issues, a game site and some other things, I really did not know the general was carrying on like that. Drama you try and google general crazy, you might be impressed as well.

  7. Kim please tell me some of the things that came up when you googled General Crazy’s name. ….lol….

  8. Sounds like a deal to me. I feel safer knowing that General Crazy is on the case….lol…..

    But for now as far as I know the AG’s office appealed his bail and the Emperor of Fox Hill still behind bars and Salty still in the parking lot in that tinted get away car.

  9. and how to reach generalcrazy?
    juss goto google and type in my name and hit enter. I will be on the way 😀

  10. Generalcrazy you are right, how I could forget I had a war veteran on my side and a crazy one at that. I should have called you, but I think you had taken a leave of absence to pursue your studies of the English Language. Anyway, General I will be calling you to deal with Emperor if Salt help him come out (lol).

  11. @Kim, just call the crazy army, we will deal with Emperors or any other War Mongeras

  12. @media i think it was more like 8-10 years for that japanese man.

    he works that car park on dowdswell street now, or did, he was going to court to try and get some money for his time in prison.

  13. Drama you mean Emperor still in jail? What a joke!
    GCF at least you don’t need to worry about using your 9mm on him anymore and I don’t have to worry about getting lock up, because I poison him. Drama thank for telling me, at least I should be able to sleep tonight.

  14. Kim the thing is I think Emperor stil in jail. I think when he packed his bags and was “released”, sensible people in the judicial system put forward a motion to keep him temporarily locked up. So he is all packed up with nowhere to go. lol….I heard Salty came to pick him up in a heavily tinted vehicle and was deeply troubled when they told him the “Emperor DID NOT get his groove back.”….lol….

  15. What jokes I hearing…..Drama! You are definitely off da chain! ……jokes, jokes, jokes!!

    Drama I hardly sleep last night, them potcakes kept me up with their barking. Man I thought that was Emperor out there. It was just a false alarm though, Salty Brent must be had him somewhere lockdown. I know whoever sleeping where he sleeping, they sleeping with both eyes open.

  16. Ya never know Kim, ya never know. They say politics make strange bed fellows, but this is the strangest crew I have ever seen – Salty Brent and the Emperor.

  17. Where is Emperor tonight? Right now, my palms keep sweating and I keep looking out the window to make sure he is not lurking around in the yard. They should put something on the TV to show exactly where he is. I hope he isn’t out doing any damage. Maybe he and Brent (salt) somewhere chilling and reminiscence about the good old times.

  18. GCF you hit the nail on the head and I loved how you meandered into your real point. I hope Hubert Ingraham is logged on and reading this. By the time they finish letting all the HARD CORE CRIMINALS out on bail, it would be safer for the law abiding citizens to live in Fox Hell Prison.

  19. This man (Emperor) must have a great Christian calling, he reminds me of Peter and Paul of the Holy Scriptures. Peter had a similar experience but by divine intervention.
    However, if that not be the case, the best solution is to LET ALL THE PRISONER OUT OF FOX HILL PRISON, and let the law-abiding citizens reside behind the prison walls and be safe at last.

  20. Well listen here BMR, a Japanese citizens was jailed for loitering, and lost in jail for about 2 years (not certain about the time, but it was over a year), and here is a man accused of murder a second time and walks right out of jail for a second time. This last time staying less then 3 months in jail?


    Because, there are over 678 persons in the prison still waiting a court date, much less a ruling. Many just for stealing, but MURDERS WALKING FREE!

    Like I said before, when the courts cannot deal with them, we see why family members take up weapons and dispense their own justice, BAM!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  21. The release on bail of ‘the Emperor’ is shocking, outrageous and disturbing. The police must be demoralized by Justice Lockhart’s decision. Could we hear something bold from the Commissioner of Police, please. Minister Tommy Turnquest, who just expressed his concern about the number of murder accuseds on bail, must be embarrassed. Could we hear something bold from the minister responsible for national security. The Bahamian public must be stupid because there is no legal, moral or noteworthy reason why that man should have been given bail; in fact, the law, morality and common sense scream that he should NOT have been given bail; yet we have done nothing except talk about blatant rape of justice. I guess all we can do is talk. Our democracy does not allow us to do more than that. Anybody got any ideas on what we can do to ensure that this tragedy is not repeated?

  22. It’s strange that you got this information from Bahamas Press since it was The Nassau Guardian’s main story on Wednesday.

  23. Drama I would not follow Shaunna Pratt up, because some of these people who come on this site seems to have a cock eye, they see things the way they to want see it. How could she blame that little girl for being forward and agreeing to give heads? That girl is merely a child. That young girl probably did not know her own mind, I believe he persuade by bragging about his father being an MP. The poor child was so impressionable, yet cold people like Shaunna Pratt think it’s her fault.

    People who live in glass house really should not throw stones, she come on here calling people illiterate, you would think what she had to say would be error free. I know I do make my fair amount of grammatical mistakes sometimes, but you have never heard me calling nobody illiterate. If Shaunna Pratt want think she smarter or better than us bloggers that is her rights, because she is the only one who feels that way.

  24. Can someone tell me if Shauna Pratt is living in the same Bahamas as the rest of us??? Did she not SEE when this dangerous man was shockingly released from Fox Hill Prison before election and began helping Brent Symonette with his campaign to everyone’s shock and horror?

    Now this criminal is back on the streets again like his compadre Ashley Newbold. ALL the crimes in this country are being committed by people on bail. Someone needs to investigate this Acting Justice Elliot Lockhart.

  25. I told you all the reason nothing came out of Bethel’s son doing that girl at Queen’s College. Tommy Turnquest’s wife is the principle. Once you with Tommy T, you straight.


    1) DION EMPEROR KNOWLES is arrested after being on TV and on the run from police for 1 yeah!

    2) He was wanted for Murder!

    3) It was his second time arrested and arraigned for MURDER.

    4) NO one knows how he got out for murder charge the first time.

    5) Just two months and 10 days after Police captured him, for being on the run and accused of Murder, the man is arraigned (serves 2 months in jail) and release to the public to possibly KILL AGAIN!

    ALL WE SAY IS, WELL MUDDO! We wonder who Knowles is working for? SYMONETTE?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor!

  27. Now I hope you all see how when persons like ‘Shaunna Pratt’ come in here and call us ‘illiterate’ with a post riddled with errors, such as her own is, we all know that is not worthy of a response, HEY?

    Ms. Pratt we are not stirring any ‘red herring’ when we join the likes of Carl Bethel’s son to CRIMES committed on the campus of Queen’s College, is equal to the murder of a young Knowles in FOX HILL. BOTH MEN ARE NOW FREE!

    A few weeks ago Bethel had such sympathy and sickness, where he checked himself in the hospital, we thought he would retire from politics. But today, look how WILD he is in the House? Perhaps now he is ready to face criminal charges, as ANYONE WHO COVERS UP A ‘STATUTORY RAPE’ INCIDENT ON ANY CAMPUS, HAS COMMITTED A CRIME ACCORDING TO THE LAWS OF THE BAHAMAS!

    However Ms. Pratt, illiterate people would never know that, Hey?

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  28. Dion Knowles Out Again! This comes as no surprise. I have always maintained that once you have money and connection in this country, you can always get away with murder.

  29. Min. Zhivargo Laing crying about being victimized and not being able to feed his family? When was Min. Laing not able to feed his family? These politicians need to stop their crap, trying to play on these poor people’s emotion with these alligator tears. That is just wicked, because there are many people in this country who have experience victimization and there are many legitimate poor people who can not afford to feed their family. All this acting just to say, he too was a victim of victimization and there days when he couldn’t afford to feed is family either, nobody understands this better than him and he could relate to what we are going through. What a bunch of baloney!!!!

    I believe Joe Blow the tears must be had something to do with his mother. People don’t allow these Grammy Award winning politicians to take you for a bunch of suckers!

  30. Honestly, i personally believe that cHildren have a beter view on the situation “MEDIA”. With the FNM in power ther has been more arrests for crimes committe that I can remember. The murder rate he drastically decreased from 2007 and brent Symonnette is a good man helping to find justice in our now nearly cruel, chaotic counrty. Also Carl Bethell’s son’s case has no link to what it is ou are saying, seeing as it can not be considered rape if oral sex must be consentual(unconsentual oral sex simply sounds rediculous) and also he was not yet 18. Yes he might have been older that the young lady, but blame her too for being so forward as to agreeing to, as the youth of today say, ‘give head’ to some one of much more years than she. So before you, “MEDIA”, decide to come on the internet and publically BLAST, EMBARASS AND HUMILIATE your local government, I urge you to please come with DEFINITE FACTS, because i will continue to read an comment on your unknowledgable, illiterate posts.

    And all those that agree with such blasphemy you too should find a different country to live in, because disrespecting your government in such a way, visible to any international, english speaking nation, is not the Bahamian way, for we are a proud nation, not consisting of ungrateful individuals.


    Some members of the THE JUDICIARY are A SHAM, under that wig is nothing but a THIEF AND A CROOK!” And thousands of young men and women seeing this decision by JUSTICE ELLIOTT LOCKHART think the same!


    OH FOR THOSE WHO HAVE difficulty understanding the BRENT SYMONETTE CONNECTION? (READ THIS: https://www.bahamaspress.com/?p=1678) Your Bahamas Press question this connection in July of this year and noted this man will walk!

  32. Media: How did you make the leap from the Knowles bail grant to question if Brent Symonnette was instrumental in aiding in that decision? Someone must ask Justice Lockhart to give his reasons for allowing such a dangerous person to be on the loose once again.

  33. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS !!! REFUSE !! The country has gone to hell and the judicial system is a MASSIVE JOKE. TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM !! Seriously !!

    At this point I think the US or Britain need to step in and save this damn country. This is B.S. !!!!

    This FNM govt is full of crap !!!

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