Who in the PLP Victimized Zharvigo Laing?



From left to Right are Obie Wilchcombe, Zhivargo Laing and Perry Christie.

Nassau, Bahamas: Telling a painful story of how he was fired from the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Laing told Parliament today that he learned that in his country young people could not, “SPEAK THEIR MINDS AND FEED THEIR FAMILY THE SAME TIME!” And for the first time we at Bahamas Press agree with Laing. No one could have said it better, as we at Bahamas Press have felt for ourselves that hand of VICTIMIZATION!

Laing was moved to tears in the House where he had to stopped several times to catch himself, and was rallied to support by his FNM team members. We at Bahamas Press now ask the question, was it Perry Christie or Obie Wilchcombe that pressured the young Grand Bahamian Parliamentarian to loose his job at the Grand Bahama Port Authority? Laing said moved with emotion and a chocking voice, how he could not feed his children (4), and at that point, he was moved to tears.

We at Bahamas Press know of this too well! We too have been victimized, block, stopped and totally censured by the current FNM government. However, we say WHAT WAS DONE TO LAING WAS WRONG!

Both Christie and Wilchcombe told Parliament that this was not the place to talk about the victimizing act, and we believe that is like a GUILTY PRISONER in the PRISON’S DOCK saying; “Your honour this is not the place to detail the crime.” CHRISTIE, WILCHOMCOMBE, if Parliament is not the place to talk about VICTIMIZATION, then where should the CRIME on such a young Bahamian and his family be discussed?

MY GOODNESS! Now Laing we have heard your story, PLEASE TELL you Cabinet colleagues STOP VICTIMIZING BAHAMAS PRESS!


  1. You right GCF, I think Bob Marley wrote a song about that …….. “A Hungry Man is an Angry Man”…..I kinda hungry right now.

  2. Well plenty of dem seats look wasted anyway. I can’t just be hard on Forbes. Plenty a dem in dere just jokin. Sweatheartin and setting a poor example for the people.

  3. GCF… that joke about Forbes was truly off da chain. Man sombody had to shovel me up off the floor man. Forbes is in there cuz he been on the radio talkin bout mama sue n dem n ting who live on dat island next to da juju tree roun da corner. Da grass roots people like dat stuff. Pindling was a master of Dat but he knew how to switch back to a knight of the round table. Only ting is Forbes can’t switch. He is always off. He has no brain for Politics. He know dat too. What a waste of a seat in the house. I think you have really found his true calling. He really is “Minister Of Kitchen Affairs” LOL

  4. Hi GCF, thank you for that kind remark. I am happy that my little comments are appreciated. Although most of the time I am always looking for something to make me laugh, which you often does. Putting fun and jokes aside, I am always happy whenever I am able to add something meaningful to this blog. This blog have given us a voice and the power to bring about the necessary changes that our country needs. It is good to come and get other people perspectives on things affecting each of us. This blog have also help me to get through some stressful times, I have been able to come in here and laugh all my problems away and have been able to meet some very of nice people on here, like yourself. We are the Bahamas Press Family!!!

  5. Kim, I can change my writing styles to fit any issues or topic.
    The problem with traditional writers, they sit in their ivory towers waiting for peasants to bow to them, thinking they are the news.

    Things have change, and it is good to know there is a writer “named” Kim Sand that would make a difference in this world with her posting. Trust me this site is making people act on issues.

  6. GCF between you and Drama and WOW! You guys do have me laughing in my sleep. GCF I did not know you was this funny until last week. You guys deserve 5 stars. Y’all are off da chain!!!!

  7. ha ha ha…GCF….you are a pro when it comes to talking fool!!!!! where do you find these things to say?

    that’s the truth a hungry man and can be an angry man(lol).

  8. Pepper Pot: Thinking of what is going on at the Pepper Pot, I remember two years ago they sold a half (1/2) of chicken for $4.50. If that still is the case, and with these tough times in Freeport, a hungry man can be an angry man.

  9. LOL…. Drama!!!

    You believe it’s the pepper aye? It have be something with the food , that must some serious Jamaican goat pepper they does put in it, cause when them people eat that, they just is start killing one another.

    What is going on?!!! I heard this week a man was stabbing his own father while he was driving and in broad daylight and the police past the same time and saw the incident. I don’t know what is in the food we eating or what in the water we drinking, but this country finish!!!

  10. I beg to differ, guys. I think there is too much “Pepper” in the food at “Pepper Pot” and its makeing the customers crazy and violent.

  11. …LOL…GCF…there are no laws for you, when it comes to jokes.

    That person who is preparing that food at the pepper pot, must really knows how to cook. The amounts of murders I heard happen there and people still going there, that food must be really good. Them people are risking their lives to get a plate. I don’t like food that much, but I would not mind tasting it to see why all these people getting kill for it, I wonder if Picwell could bring me back a plate.

  12. See GCF and Drama The blow I was going to hit the Emperor, would of kill him and then I was calling the police. I know his friend might try and lost me in jail, but at least I will be content knowing that’s one less criminal on the street

  13. Breaking News: What is happening to the “PEPPER POT” in Freeport, there was another shooting today at that location?

    We need to send Picwell down to examine the food, to see if it’s worth killing for.

  14. Kim, you would be in deeper trouble if you try to poison Emperor, the police will rush Emperor to the hospital, and “you know who” will tell “that” judge to lost you in prison for trying to kill their GOOD man.

  15. GCF, I need to borrow that 9 from you when my lights cut off cause I shooting whatever come through that front door.

    Kim, as for your plan, the cops will tote him back to jail and some other judge will probably take a pay off to let him out. Whats the point, we blame the cops but when they bring those bad boys to justice the courts have them roaming the streets again.

  16. GCF the thing is I don’t like weapons, so if the Emperor decide to come this way, I even aint gat no protection. I have a little plan though, I ga try and make him believe I with him. I ga say, “Hey Emperor what you saying man? I glad to see they let you out, the weather feel good hey?.“ I hope he be like Picwell, I ga ask him you had anything to eat yet? Then if he say no, I ga say, “Okay Emperor let me knock up a little sweet potato bread for ya.” then I ga see if I could put a little poison in da bread. When the Emperor starts to get little dizzy, I knock him across he head with the frying pan and then I ga call the police (lol).

  17. Kim, You don’t have your protection yet?
    This country seems to be swiftly headed to repeating Rwanda 1994 experience.
    I am taking advice from a middle age woman who experienced the genocide in Rwanda, in 1994.

    She said after witnessing what happened to her family, headed back to her home town on a truck, she loudly declared, “the first thing am getting is a gun!”
    She said at lease she would be ready, when those hoodlums come again.

  18. Something just came to mind last night. Does anyone have a copy of the financial disclosures for the candidates from the last election? As far as I can remember, Laing was far from broke and bankrupt people can’t run for Parliament. Laing never worried about “feeding his children”. This is just more FNM lies to distract us from the real problems in the country.

    ps. The Minister of Tourism cancel his address because of the economic problems in the U.S., but then say the current problems in the U.S. will not effect his plans. WTF!

  19. GCF I hope that piece you have license, I believe that’s must be why they let him out, At least you prepared if he comes that way. GCF I thought generalcrazy was crazy, we better watch you too (lol).

  20. Kim, It is 11:46 and light just came on. But I had my 9mm by may side, just in case, cause you never know “Emperor” may have been let out on bail to carry out a “hit”
    BP blogers watch out.

  21. GCF That’s some long hours to be in the dark and sad thing is I don’t think you will see much of a decrease in your bill for this month. Anyway, time will tell.

  22. Breaking News- I think BTC and BEC is sending a message to the public, for cutting their salaries.
    Our area light was off from 5:40pm it is 10:00pm and it’s still off.

    But it can be a blessing, the light bill would be a little less for this month.

  23. Bottom line in this case Mr. Laing simply took one for the team. Instead of crying or whatever the heck he was doing, Laing and his boys should be talking about all the people that the FNM victimized in their short time in office. TALK ABOUT THAT !!!

  24. GCF you are off da chain! That was so funny!!!!

    If Min Laing is crying over the cost of baby pampas, he should have thought about that before he started making foot for socks.

    Anyone could look at Picwell Forbes and see have a serious obsession with food. Even when sleeps, I believe food is be in his dreams. All these things going on in the country and all he can elaborate on his sweet potato bread and his sardine and grits. That greedy man would talk about food all day, if you leave it up to him. I believe Picwell may have miss his calling, I honestly believe he suppose to be a chef (LOL).

  25. BREAKING NEWS >>>>>

    Wyndham Hotel on Cable Beach gets set to fire additional workers. Bahamas Press is following this story.

    Bahamas Press

  26. More job cuts loom as economy slows!

    A group of French unions said they expect French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis SA to announce Thursday that it will cut roughly 800 sales jobs in France, the unions said Wednesday.

    The computer industry was the hardest hit, with 25,715 positions on the line after PC maker Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, Fortune 500) announced the largest workforce reduction of the year, the report said.

    HP said it would cut 24,600 jobs worldwide as a result of its acquisition of Electronic Data Systems Corp.

    The struggling auto industry came in second place, with plans to drop 14,595 jobs, while the apparel industry came in third place, announcing 8,350 cuts, according to the report.


    September saw a major reshaping of the financial landscape as institutions such as Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch (MER, Fortune 500), AIG (AIG, Fortune 500), Wachovia (WB, Fortune 500) and Washington Mutual were acquired, bailed out, or went bankrupt.




  27. What we need to do is honestly listen as to why Obie apologize…not because his government victimized him, its because he was victimized because of what he was doing by the Port Authority. Christie did say to GBPA…DONT GET ME IN THAT…THAT EEN MY BIZNIZZ. Now if Christie was supose to stand up for him then I can see that but I will find out the truth…I will return

  28. Kim, cry their eyes out (lol!!)

    Maybe Laing just realizes how expensive it is to have another young baby Pampas expensive.
    Or Picewell Forbes bring “Mama so-so” potato bread to the house and didn’t give him any?
    Did you notice Forbes always debating food, potato bread, sardine and grits? We need to name him the minister of kitchen…..affairs.

  29. Michael1 they need to start passing out handkerchiefs in the House of Assembly, so all them MPs who have done this country wrong can cry their eyes out (lol!!!!).


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  31. KIM he did not sell you any MONA VIE ech? Cause I still trying to get the paperwork for two trailers of Mona Vie which came through Grand Bahama and cleared with that reduced TAX!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  32. Hi GCF if you say Mr.Laing is a good man, I appreciate that and I respect it has your experience or impression of with him. Even though my opinion of him is much different from yours, I wish not to get into that. All I am saying is that these people are in the position to take action if they feel any wrong was done to them. As to why he was crying or what he was talking about, I would not pay a penny to find out, because I really don’t care.

  33. Hi Kim Sands, the $700 billion question is:
    What was Laing “REALLY” crying over?

    Have you ever been to a funeral and see people wail?
    However, all are not crying for the same reason. In some countries they pay people to cry. But Laing is ok, he’s a good man.

  34. Truth whoever wants to sit down or stand up and feel sorry about theses politicians that are crying about being victimized that is their business. Politicians are people who know the law. If they chose to allow themselves to be victims and are not doing anything about it, why should I be upset? Had this happened to a regular Joe who does not know their rights, my heart would have gone out to that person. I would have been the first one screaming VICTIMIZATION!!!! If you want to feel sorry or cry along with these politicians, I say feel free. I know one thing they will not get my tears.

  35. Someone please call Fred Moss or George Knowles for Laing baby cries. They will tell us the truth IN SHORT ORDER….. LOL .. I agree with WOW… Laing went on the people job to take over, showing is rear end off, with his column. And the people were afraid he would have leaking important info, to his FNM pals….. AMEN.!!!

  36. I heard through people who worked at the Port that he basically had a cushion job that Ingraham got for him and was paid for just showing up.

  37. If he was doing his job and unjustly terminated why didn’t he take the matter to court?

  38. So sad! Although, I guess some might say payback is fair game. I understand one of the men named did infact do this and was overheard apologising to Laing some months ago in the House. That’s why when I hear the two of them especailly Obie get up in the House and speak with such passion, I have to suck my teeth. Who does he think is buying his crap!!

  39. BP, you really believe the GRAND BAHAMA PORT AUTHORITY follow directives from the PLP and fire a former FNM minister and GOLDEN BOY of HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM? And this happen how many years ago and he just talking about it? Common man I know you sharper than that. If not I have 2 bridges and 10 acres of swamp land to sell you.

  40. Joe Blow you stated, “I believe the tears were there after he spoke about his mother.” and I agreed with you by saying, “I believe Joe Blow the tears MUST BE had something to do with his mother.” Anyway, if you feel that I misunderstood you in anyway, I apologize.
    Joe Blow you were absolutely right, I did not watch the house yesterday. Sometimes I do get tired of being taken for a sucker. I have no time to sit down and watch these liars in motion. All they do is waste the people time by blaming and embarrassing each other and very little gets done. I agree with you again their actions are sickening. Yesterday, I was not into that drama and all negativity that normally comes along with it, so I did not waste my time.

    To be honest, I really don’t care what Min. Laing was crying for or whatever his story was all about. If Obie Wilchcombe and Perry Christie did actually victimize Min. Laing then they will have to live with their own wick conscience, that’s provided if they have any conscience at all. All I know some of these actors that they call politicians really need to experience some of the things the less fortunate in our country goes through. Then maybe when they get the house they will not waste people time by running the house like a circus and they would make better decisions pertaining to us.

  41. This was truly one of the few sincere moments in the house of assembly and should not be taken lightly. The act was purely and simply victimization at it’s best. And as previously stated neither Perry nor Obie denied the accusations. It’s truly unfortunate that in this Bahamas young people continue to be muzzled when speaking out for what they believe in.

  42. Ahhhhhhhh ‘JOE BLOW’ you see that ech? A member of the LOWER HOUSE accused them (CHRISTIE OR WILCHCOMBE) of VICTIMIZING him and my goodness, both men said, this is not the place to discuss the matter! WHAT? Then where is?

    I mean in fairness to Laing, NO one on the PLP side could have denied the FACT! WOW! A mighty blow to the PLP, by guess who Zhivargo LAING!

    HIS Statement was profound! “I learned I could not speak my mind and feed my family!” My goodness!

    I could not believe what Laing was saying as he unfolded what happened to him, BUT BAHAMAS PRESS knows what Zhivargo Laing felt under the PLP! Cause we feeling it, a VAST MAJORITY OF BAHAMIANS NOW FEELING THE SAME SWITCH UNDER THE FNM!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: But JOE BLOW the two WICKED PLPs, could not say a WORD, not even defend the charge, nor ask the member to withdraw his comments on the floor. WHY?
    The know it was true, I had my share kicking Laing on this BLOG, but I on his side on this one!

  43. Kim: Please read my post again. This is not about tears being shed. You obviously did not watch the House workings today. OW and PC did not deny that they influenced Laings contract being cancelled. That is real victimization!

  44. By Kim Sands on Oct 2, 2008 | Reply

    Min. Zhivargo Laing crying about being victimized and not being able to feed his family? When was Min. Laing not able to feed his family? These politicians need to stop their crap, trying to play on these poor people’s emotion with these alligator tears. That is just wicked, because there are many people in this country who have experience victimization and there are many legitimate poor people who can not afford to feed their family. All this acting just to say, he too was a victim of victimization and there days when he couldn’t afford to feed is family either, nobody understands this better than him and he could relate to what we are going through. What a bunch of baloney!!!!

    I believe Joe Blow the tears must be had something to do with his mother. People don’t allow these Grammy Award winning politicians to take you for a bunch of suckers!

  45. I believe the tears were there after he spoke about his mother. If the GBPA is a private enterprise I would think that OW and PC should have declined to give an opinion if asked about his consultant job with the Port. Victimization has been a hallmark of some powerful people in the PLP since its inception.
    Did you notice that neither man refuted the implications of what they did but tried to turn the table by saying that it was not the proper place to air the issue?
    OW stated that the Opposition all agreed with the Bill that was being debated today and that it should have taken about 5 minutes to pass it. He is right of course but persons on both sides continue to use up time by blaming, shaming and grandstanding. The actions in the House today were sickening. The Speaker needs to take hold and eject this bunch of rejects.
    To Fred Mitchell: The Loyal Oppositions’ role is not to oppose. It is to carefully consider the Government’s actions and constructively criticize policies and Bills and then suggest ways to improve those Bills.

  46. Bahamas Press with all honesty, we must examine all of what Mr Laing is talking about with the facts before you compare your situation to his. Not every man who says Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven.
    If one knows the family of Mr. Laing, one would be askng the question, well when did he go borke and could not feed his family and did he infact was victimized by a company that support his Political Party without fair and contridiction? Mr. Laing who lives in Freeport in which he stressed did many investments in Freeport and is collecting an income from them before he decided to come back into Politics. I want to know the real story behind why Mr Laing was removed as a consultant and what really happened. I do not believe Mr. Christie or Wilchcombe had him removed from GBPA. Lets look at today. Julian Francis is now the Chairman of BTC. He too was removed from GBPA. Those who know the story behind it knows exactly what takes place. So I say again those who say Lord Lord will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven

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